Designated Bursaries


University College Entrance Bursaries

Alumni Bursary

Alumni Bursary, $500 (15 available)

This one time bursary is available to new students entering Providence University College or Providence Theological Seminary. The bursary application MUST be completed by an alumnus/alumna on behalf of the prospective student. An additional $250 is available should the student choose to live in residence. These are shared between Providence University College and Providence Theological Seminary.

Christian Ministry Bursary

Christian Ministry Bursary, $500 (3 available)

This one-time bursary is available to the dependent children (i.e. those who apply to Providence University College within one year of high school graduations) of families who are engaged in full-time Christian ministry (missions, full time pastorates, etc.).

Music Bursary

Music Bursary, Sponsored by the Kuhl Foundation $500 (5 available)

Mission Statement of the Foundation: To perpetuate John Douglas Kuhl’s “love of music for its own sake” by encouraging the growth—by way of instrument loans or cash grants—of music-focused institutions and/or musicians originating in Manitoba.

This bursary is available to a new or returning full-time student enrolling in a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Music. Applicants must submit a brief resume of their musical activities, and a 400 word essay.

The Peter and Esther Dyck Family Bursary

The Peter and Esther Dyck Family Bursary, $1000 (1 available)

This one-time bursary is available annually to students attending Albright Church in Winnipeg as regular attendees or participants in the youth program. Applicants must submit a 400 word essay on how studying at Providence will make a difference in their life.