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Donate to Providence University College

Donate toward the Providence Fund (General Operating)

Providence Fund (General Operating), Approximately $450,000 needed annually
Much of Providence's annual income comes from generous donations such as yours. Donor support is key to ensuring a balanced budget every year. Any amount you are able to give towards our General Operating fund is always appreciated.

Donate toward Scholarships or Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries, Any Amount
It is important that we honour the accomplishments of our students. Gifts of all sizes make this possible.

“Adopt a Student” Program

“Adopt a Student” Program, $30.00 a month

Seven percent of the amount it takes to educate a student is not covered by tuition or government funding. For just $30.00 a month you can make a difference. In return you will receive a picture of a student as a reminder of your support to Providence.

Donate toward Balance of Boiler Cost

Balance of Boiler Cost, $122,000 needed
Our boiler for heating our building has been replaced but a balance is still outstanding.

Donate toward Commercial Park Benches

Commercial Park Benches, Approximately $800 each
These benches (commercial) are needed so that students have a place to meet outdoors. Benches will also be used at our Playground and Community Garden.

Donate toward Dorm Revitalization

Dorm Revitalization, $3,000 each
This year we will begin our revitalization project for our men’s dorm. This will include the painting, repairs, replacing of carpet, bed, desk and bathroom fixtures. A plaque honouring our donor will be placed in the room.

Donate toward Fridge and Stove Replacements

Fridge and Stove Replacement, Approximately $500 per unit ($22,500 total needed)
Approximately 45 of our Fridges and Stoves need to be replaced within the next two years. We will be approaching manufacturers for assistance but the balance will need to be covered.

Donate toward Library Books

Library Books, $40 each ($25,000 yearly needed)
For just $40.00 you can assist our library as they purchase books. To service educational programs and maintain accreditation our library must have the necessary acquisitions.

Donate toward Lighting Upgrades

Upgrading of lighting throughout the Administration Building and Dorms, $14,000 needed
In order to do this project we will need financial assistance to cover labour costs. Manitoba Hydro will assist us with the cost of materials.

Donate toward Mile Two Discipleship School
The Mile Two Discipleship School is launching in September 2014, and your donations help the launch of our new school be the best it can be.

Mile Two is committed to learning beyond the classroom. Ministry in a variety of urban settings will provide students with the opportunity to translate the study of scripture into a vibrant experience of obedient discipleship. Through biblical study and experiential learning, our goal is to develop disciples of Jesus who are compassionate, self-sacrificing and absolutely committed to pursuing Jesus in every area of life.
Donate toward MS Office Software Upgrade

MS Office Software Upgrade, $90 per license ($6,750 total needed)
Some of our computers are still running MS Office 97 or MS Office 2000. These versions are so old Microsoft no longer produces updates to protect against viruses. We need to upgrade at least 75 MS Office licenses.

Donate toward New Database Software

New Database software for Blackbaud servers, Approximately $10,000 needed
Our student management softward (Blackbaud Student Information System) and development software (Bladbaud Raiser's Edge) runs on Microsoft SQL server software. New versions of our Blackbaud software will not run on our current SQL server in the near future. We need to upgrade to SQL Server 2008.

Donate toward New LCD Monitors

LCD monitors to replace aging CRT monitors, $200 each
75% of our desktop computers are still using old technology monitors. LCD monitors save energy dollars, are easier on the eyes and take less desk space.

Donate toward Office Revitalization

Office Revitalization, Approximately $2,000 each
A number of offices need to be revitalized. This will include the replacing of carpet, desks, chairs, and filing cabinets.

Donate toward The Henry Schellenberg Memorial Fund for Music Education

Dr. Henry Schellenberg spent thirty years as Professor of Church Music at Providence University College. His award winning choirs inspired audiences both in Canada and internationally. Henry loved students. Through music he nurtured the gifts and potential that often he alone could see. Along the way, he taught his students to love God, to love one another, and to love themselves. We invite you to join us in advancing Henry’s legacy by supporting music education at Providence University College.

Donate toward the Main Computer Lab

Main Computer Lab Computer Upgrades, $1,000 each computer ($21,000 total needed)
The computers in our main computer lab are used for teaching and for students to do research and write papers. Computers ought to be replaced every three years. Twenty-one computers with LCD monitors and the latest version of MS Office are needed. Each computer and software upgrade costs approximately $1,000.

Donate toward Window Replacements

Window Replacement, Approximately $5,000 needed
Replacement of windows in some offices is required.