Be Prepared.

Students who wish to keep open the door to further education at another university level institution will want to be aware that such transfers are based upon the receiving university’s assessment of the work done at Providence, whether it is a completed degree or courses toward a degree. We wish to work with you in this process. There are things that you can do right away in preparation for the time of your application.

For example, did you know that the higher your grades, the more options you will have for your next step? Universities usually have a minimum grade of “C” for transferring. When transferring between university-level institutions, high grades are generally looked upon more favourably. This is because all institutions are in competition for bright, capable students who are organized and work hard. Show yourself to belong in that category, and you have an advantage.


Transferable Courses

We have worked with the higher education institutions in Manitoba to develop a list of transferable courses (a list is available from the Registrar’s Office) so that they can process your transcript more easily. In almost all other cases, your receiving university will want to review your Providence course descriptions and syllabi as a part of their evaluation and comparison process. As you will want to make this as easy as possible (imagine yourself as the person who needs to process hundreds of these requests), we suggest that you collect these while you are taking the courses so that you can easily e-mail electronic copies of the course descriptions and syllabi when the time comes. Although many of them are available through our web site and you can retain the copies you receive in class, we suggest that you download electronic copies of your syllabi and store them carefully so that they are ready to go when the time comes.


Transferability Rules

In order for you to be optimally set, it will be important for you to be thoroughly familiar with the receiving university’s rules about transferring courses. For example, when students transfer to Providence and wish to graduate with a Providence degree, we require them to take a minimum of 30 credit hours with us. That is so that their degree has enough Providence content to be a true Providence degree. Many if not all universities have similar regulations. These are readily available on university web sites and calendars. Spending time studying these will pay you huge dividends. You can also e-mail or make an appointment to see an Admissions Counselor at your receiving university to confirm that you have understood correctly.


Early Application

Applying early will allow your receiving university time to receive the syllabi for the courses in question and to consult with the appropriate university departments for answers to their questions. We hope that this will also allow us time to communicate with you and with your university about issues that arise. It can be difficult to get things done during the summer, so we appreciate knowing about problems as early as possible. You are invited to contact the the Registrar's Office.



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