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Who We Are

Drop us an email or call us in the office at 1-800-668-7768. We would be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have!

Jeff Wheeldon
Jeff Wheeldon

Associate Registrar
(Distance Education)

Keanan Byggdin
Assistant Registrar


 Advising Resources

Degree at a Glance

Aviation  Have questions about Aviation? Contact program coordinator Lindsay Harris!

Biblical and Theological Studies  Questions about Biblical and Theological Studies?  Contact program coordinator Kara Mandryk!

Business Administration  Questions about Business Administration?  Contact program coordinator Jeremy Funk!

Church Ministries  Questions about Church Ministries? Contact program coordinator Randall Holm!

Communications and Media  Questions about Communications & Media?  Contact program coordinator Nicholas Greco!

Culture and Christianity  Questions about Culture and Christianity? Contact program coordinator Nicholas Greco!

  • Culture and Christianity 3 Year Degree (coming soon)

Humanities  Questions about Humanities?  Contact program coordinator Dennis Hiebert!

Intercultural Studies Questions about Intercultural Studies? Contact program coordinator Catherine Rust-Akinbolaji!

Interdisciplinary Arts  Questions about Interdisciplinary Arts?  Contact program coordinator Dennis Hiebert!

Music  Questions about Music?  Contact program coordinator Karen Sunabacka!

Social Science  Questions about Social Sciences?  Contact program coordinator Dennis Hiebert!

Social Work  Questions about Social Work?  Contact program coordinator Michael Gilmour!

Sociology  Questions about Sociology?  Contact program coordinator Dennis Hiebert!

TESOL  Questions about TESOL?  Contact program coordinator Catherine Rust-Akinbolaji!

Theatre  Questions about Theatre?  Contact program coordinator Marie Raynard!

Worship Studies  Questions about Worship Studies?  Contact program coordinator Kara Mandryk!

Youth Leadership  Questions about Youth Ministry?  Contact program coordinator Keith Hillier!


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