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Course Offerings

The following courses are rolling-admission online independent study courses. Although most of these courses are self-paced, you must complete all course work within 4 months of designated start date. Online courses will not be offered during the 2014-15 year (September 1 2014 - August 31 2015). We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Course   Credits Professor
122.22L Pentateuch 3 A. Konkel
124.32L Biblical Poetry II: Wisdom Literature 3 A. Konkel
134.31L New Testament Book Study III: The Gospel of Mark 3 E. Neufeld
134.32L New Testament Book Study IV: Revelation 3 E. Neufeld
223.11L Introduction to Sociology I: People in Culture 3 D. Hiebert
223.24L Marriage and Family 3 D. Hiebert
223.32L Sociology of Religion 3 D. Hiebert
224.11L Anthropology II: Cultural Anthropology 3 L. Harris
Ecology, Technology, and Culture **Available start dates: Jan 1, May 1, Sept 1 only. Course includes assignment due dates** 3 L. Harris
411.12L Principles of Teaching and Learning 3 J. Wheeldon

Registration and Payment Process

You can register for an online course at any time throughout the year.  Once you have registered, you will have 4 months to complete the course requirements.  Online courses begin on the first of every month. Please register 1-2 weeks before you would like to begin your course to allow our office to process your request. For example, if you want to begin your course on November 1, please register by October 15. Full payment (credit card) is required at time of course registration. Registration and payment can be completed online.

Important note: If you have not completed a full application to Providence University College, filling out the registration form above will allow you to enroll under "Special Student" status.  You can take up to 5 courses as a Special Student.  If you wish to take more than 5 courses, or begin working towards any degree or certificate program, please contact our Admissions team to apply today!


Online Course Fees

Tuition $696
Student Fees $84
Distance Access Fee $85
Total $865

Required text books are not included in these fees.  Required text books are not included in these fees and must be purchased separately. You can purchase your required texts by visiting the Providence Bookstore.

Tuition Refund Policy

Full refund (less administrative fee of $35.00) prior to course start date.
90% if cancelled during the first week of class.
80% if cancelled during the second week of class.
70% if cancelled during the third week of class.
60% if cancelled during the fourth week of class.

Technology Requirements

To make sure that your computer and internet browser are set up correctly to take our online courses, visit Providence's Itslearning site and click "Browser Test." If there are any issues, follow the instructions the Browser Test feature will provide, or click "Technical Help" on the Itslearning page.

Technical Support

(For Registered Students Only)
Our online virtual campus comes with 24 hour a day - 7 days per week "Help Desk" coverage for student technical questions. If you have any technical difficulties in connecting to our online learning platform, or any difficulty in using the courseware, please contact the Help Desk at 303-873-0005 (Denver, Co). Identify yourself as an EdTek client - Providence Seminary. You may also contact the Help Desk by email at

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