Academic Entrance Scholarships

Providence Recognizes High School Academic Achievement


Receive up to $2,000 in Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Amounts

Academic Entrance Scholarships (AES) are available to all qualified students entering their first year of studies at Providence University College. These scholarships require no separate interview, essay, portfolio, audition, or competition. AES are automatically given to students based upon their academic averages achieved in high school grades 11-12.

High-School Marks (Avg. Percentages) * Scholarship Award Amount
80-84.9 % Receive $800
85-89.9% Receive $1,200
90-94.9% Receive $1,600
95-100% Receive $2,000
* High-school transcripts based upon a GPA or Letter Grades are also eligible for AES based upon equivalency. If your high-school marks are calculated as letter grades or GPA, please contact us for a transcript review.


Am I Eligible?

You are eligible to receive an Academic Entrance Scholarship amount if all of the following criteria is met:

  • You have submitted all application material (application form, relevant official transcript, and application fee) by August 31;

  • You have graduated from Canadian, US, or international ACSI high school - this year or within the last five years;

  • You will be a first year Providence University College student (new to Providence);

  • You have not completed more than 18-credit hours at another post-secondary institution (another college or university);

AES will be awarded, provided the recipient is registered at Providence University College for 12 or more credit hrs. per semester within their first year of studies.


Disbursement of Funds

The award will be given to students during two consecutive semesters and divided equally for each semester. Disbursement of funds will take place within 4 weeks after semester start date. A reduction of credit hours (less than 12 cr.) within the semester in which an AES award was received, will result in forfeit of the scholarship amount for the respective semester.


Application Process

No scholarship application is necessary. Submitting a standard Providence University College admissions application will automatically qualify students. University College applications received prior to August 31 (for fall semester) and December 31 (for winter semester) will be eligible to receive an AES.


Grade Criteria

Scholarship amount will be based on grade 11 marks if students apply before April 1 of the year they graduate from high school. Students who apply after April 1 shall have their scholarship eligibility assessed on final (i.e. June) grade 12 grades. Students who are awarded AES on the basis of grade 11 (30S) courses may have their award increased should their grade 12 averages at graduation result in a higher award. In no case shall the previous award (based upon grade 11 averages) be reduced.  An official final high school transcript of your grade 12 marks must be received by August 31st of the year of enrolment to be reassessed for the Academic Entrance Scholarship.

Academic percentage, GPA, or letter grades will be based upon the top five course marks obtained. Three of the five must be academic courses, one of which must be an English course. Some restrictions may apply.


Award Deferral

Students may defer an awarded AES for one calendar year (i.e. student applies to Providence University College, is accepted, is awarded an AES amount, but chooses to defer starting school until a later semester).

 * Terms and conditions of the AES award program are subject to change.


Have Questions?

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