How to Budget


Thinking about financing your Providence education can be overwhelming. You may be wondering: How will I pay for college? Where will the money come from? Providence is here to make sense of all things financial and to help you plan for your college education in Canada.

Invest in Yourself

Think of your college education as an investment—in yourself and your future. To gain a financially and personally rewarding career, you’ll need the skills and knowledge a Christ-centred Providence education provides.


Make a Plan

Budgeting for college starts with knowing how much your education will cost. Educate yourself on the cost of tuition and fees  at Providence and then set up a realistic budget. To help with this, download the interactive Student Budget Worksheet on the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) website. While you’re there, you also can download a guide for saving money while you’re in school.



Do you know if you are eligible for a Canada Student Grant? Unlike loans, you are not required to repay grant funding, which makes them a great resource for students who need financial assistance.

See Government Financial Aid



From entrance scholarships  to academic scholarships , Providence rewards your academic excellence. Scholarships also don’t need to be repaid.

See Scholarships



Like grants, the bursaries Providence awards are typically based on financial need and do not need to be repaid.

See Bursaries
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