Christ-Centred University Education

Bring Your Faith To Class


What is Christ-Centred University Education?

At Providence we believe that university education is about more than knowledge. A Providence education integrates faith and learning. Our students grow spiritually through chapels, Bible studies, prayer groups, and interaction with other students and faculty in and out of the classroom.

FACULTY  Christ-centered university education begins with the Faculty. Professors integrate their work in media and communication, history, philosophy, sociology, microbiology, economics, etc, with their Christian faith.

CURRICULUM  We want students to understand that Jesus Christ has authority over every academic discipline. Our academic programs are taught to the highest professional standards of each discipline. Only in this way can students meaningfully engage faith and learning.

COMMUNITY  In addition to academic work, we seek to establish Christ-centered community living. Worship, service, recreation, athletics, and dorm life are the  foundation of vibrant spiritual development and faith formation in our community.

STUDENTS  Our goal is to produce graduates who can enter society fully understanding their spirit-given roles as Christ’s disciples, challenging the world in terms justice and morality, and living lives that are characterized by excellence, expertise, discipline in work and vocation, and doing so consistently in a Christ-centred manner.

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