Communications and Media

Explore and analyze the theories behind television programs, movies and popular music


Major Summary

Providence University College is one of few schools with a Communications & Media program within a Christian education setting in Canada. The program includes introductory courses in Communications Theory and the world of Visual Communications, as well as courses focusing on various media, such as television and print. Classes like Writing for the Media and Speaking in Public give students a foundation upon which to build practical skills.

The program is about media literacy as a base for further work in the field of media and communications. Integral to the field is understanding media itself in order to create meaningful contributions. The combination of the classes will prepare you for a career in Canadian mainstream media, government policy creation, or media production, among many other options.

Major Options

Bachelor of Arts - Communications & Media Advanced Major (4 yrs.)
Bachelor of Arts - Communications & Media Honors Major (4 yrs.)
Bachelor of Arts - Communications & Media Major (3 yrs.)
Minor in Communications & Media (Combine with any Major)

Career Options

  • Journalists
  •  Communications Advisors
  • Media Assistants
  • Media Producers
  • Public Relations Advisors
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • and Script Writers
  • Further Graduate Studies  







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