Summer Institute of TESOL


Summer TESOL: May 14 - June 22, 2018


Program Summary

The Summer Institute of TESOL provides opportunity for TESOL degree and certificate students to receive training for seven TESOL courses during a six week period, towards completion of their program.

Providence graduates are employed in over 60 countries including China, Japan, Ukraine, Korea, Tunisia, Myanmar, Yemen, Bangladesh, and Brazil. The Providence TESOL program is fully accredited by TESL Canada.

Summer TESOL runs for six weeks, Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:00pm.


Degree Programs

TESOL CERTIFICATE  |  Credit Hours Required: 30

The TESOL Certificate consists of 30 credit hours of which 18 credit hours can be completed within one summer. The remaining courses can be taken during the fall or winter semesters, or if you have already completed comparable courses at another institution, these courses may be transferred in as credit. 


GRADUATE TESOL CERTIFICATE  |  Credit Hours Required: 18

An upgrade on the Undergraduate TESOL Certificate that provides enhancement of practical and experiential training and addresses the global need for highly-skilled teachers of English to speakers of other languages. The core TESOL courses are offered both in the regular academic year and in the special Summer TESOL Intensive. You can earn the graduate level certificate in TESOL with only six weeks of study on campus followed by practical coursework and one distance course in graduate level intercultural studies. The TESOL Certificate may be completed in summer if students bring sufficient credit transfers.


Courses included are:

Summer Courses

421.13 / GS5201 Applied Linguistics I (3 Credit hrs.)

421.14 / GS5202 Applied Linguistics II (3 Credit hrs.)

422.23 / GS5204 Second Language Acquisition (3 Credit hrs.)

423.22 / GS5203 Material and Methodology in TESOL (3 Credit hrs.)

429.31 / GS5205 Practicum I (1 Credit hr.) *

429.32 / GS5206 Practicum II (2 Credit hrs.) *

400.00 Field education [fulfilled by Practicum II] *

117.11 Christian Spirituality 1: Formations (3 Credit hrs.) **

*The practicum and field education credits are included in the cost of Summer TESOL, but are completed after summer intensive classes.

** Fees for this course are not included in the cost of Summer TESOL. See link below for course fees.

In addition to the summer TESOL courses, to complete the Undergraduate TESOL certificate, students will be required to take the following courses throughout the next school year:

Fall Semester

432.12 Speaking in Public (3 Credit hrs.)

121.11 Intro to Bible & Theology I (3 Credit hrs.)


Winter Semester

224.11 Anthropology II: Cultural Anthropology (3 Credit hrs.)

121.12 Intro to Bible & Christian II (3 Credit hrs.)


Summer Institute of TESOL Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Tuition

  Tuition Fees Residence Rate TOTAL
Providence (Domestic) $4,290 $585 $1,135 $6,010
Providence (Int'l) $6,420 $585 $1,135 $8,140

Graduate Tuition

  Tuition Fees Residence Rate TOTAL
Providence (Domestic) $6,765 $585 $1,135 $8,485
Providence (Int'l) $8,625 $585 $1,135 $10,345

*Tuition is based on 15 credit hours. The additional Christian Spirituality course being offered this summer is not included in the fees above.

* Room & Board is optional. It includes six weeks, 7 days a week and includes bedding/linens. There is a $5 key deposit.

*Non-refundable deposit of $300 or fully payment due at time of registration. Full payment required two weeks prior to course start date.




Career Options

  • EAL or EFL Teaching
  • Government Positions in Adult and Language Learning
  • Missions
  • Private EAL or EFL Tutor
  • Graduate Studies in Linguistics



























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