MLI Undergraduate Studies


Major Summary

The Modern Language Institute offers two Undergraduate degree programs that provide students with linguistic theory and teacher training.

The TESOL program seeks to prepare students to teach English to others as an additional language. Program students will be able to indicate an understanding of the close relationship between language and culture as well as the basic elements of the English language and of English language teaching. This is demonstrated with a basic understanding of the Christian worldview in the context of other cultures. Training occurs both in the classroom academically as well as in practicum placements to gain first-hand experience. This allows students to feel completely prepared going into their careers after graduation.

The core TESOL courses are offered both in the regular academic year and in the special Summer TESOL Institute. Each TESOL major option includes the TESOL certificate requirements.  Students may be interested in combining their TESOL certificate or major with another program such as Social Science, Music, or Intercultural Studies.  The TESOL Major includes a practicum experience of teaching in a cross-cultural setting.


Undergraduate Degree Programs


Be equipped to meet the large and growing need in North America and around the world for English teachers. Gain practical and experiential training while providing a strong, academic foundation in language learning theory and teaching methodology. TESOL courses are offered in the regular academic year and in the special Summer TESOL intensive. The Providence TESOL program is accredited by TESL Canada. 


BACHELOR OF ARTS IN TESOL  |  Credit Hours Required: 90

A degree program that fulfills TESL Canada requirements and equips students to meet the large and growing demand for teachers of English to speakers of other languages.

Major Options

Undergraduate TESOL Certificate
Bachelor of Arts in TESOL

Career Options

  • EAL or EFL Teaching
  • Government Positions in Adult and Language Learning
  • Missions
  • Private EAL or EFL Tutor
  • Graduate Studies in Linguistics


























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