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English for Academic Purposes Program

Welcome! Preparation for successful academic study is our goal.  Some international students need to boost their English before entering regular classes. Because of this, the Modern Language Institute has been offering English for Academic Purposes (EAP formerly ELI) to students since 1995. Providence maintains a strong reputation for preparing non-native English speakers for academic study.

With its strong team of English teachers, the EAP program offers small class sizes, personalized attention, a multicultural classroom, and the benefits of a safe and caring Christian community.

Providence University College and Theological Seminary is a Christian institution in the evangelical tradition. It's located in Canada, one of the best places in the world to live (according to a UN study). Providence is a safe, Christian community in a multi-cultural setting. Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, is a multi-cultural city offering a host of cultural opportunities. 

Program Summary

Schedule: Classes run Monday to Thursday, morning and afternoon (times may vary)
Fall Program: September – December (14 weeks)

Winter Program: January – April (14 weeks)

Estimated Class Size: 6–12 students

Opportunities: The EAP program combines excellent classroom instruction with the opportunity to practice your English in a Christian academic community.  While you are learning English, you can also become involved in sports, music, worship, recreation, or mission events.



There are four levels in the EAP Program:  EAP905, EAP906, EAP907, EAP908.  Assessment will be done according to Canadian Language Benchmarks.  Each level is considered to be a single course, equivalent to five regular courses.  Each level will address all the skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and all the competencies (discourse, strategic, sociocultural, and linguistic competence).

EAP905 -- English for Academic Purposes, CLB5 -- 15 hours

Students will work on basic skills for success in English, focusing on academic language.

EAP906 -- English for Academic Purposes, CLB6 -- 15 hours 

Students will work on developing intermediate skills for success in English, focusing on academic language.

EAP907 -- English for Academic Purposes, CLB7 -- 15 hour

Students will work on improving intermediate skills for success in English, focusing on academic language.

EAP908 -- English for Academic Purposes, CLB8 -- 15 hours

Students will work on polishing their skills for success in English, focusing on advanced academic language.

EAP910 -- English for Academic Purposes Tutorship -- 3 hours

Note:  Students who successfully complete CLB8 in the EAP program can receive nine (9) credits for Providence University College or three (3) credits for Providence Theological Seminary.  This is in recognition of the academic effort in learning another language.  Course numbers assigned to these credits are at the discretion of the Registrar. 

 Tuition & Fees

Tuition per semester $5,124
Student Fees per semester $   585
TOTAL $5,709
Room and Board (per semester)  
Room + Board: Monday - Friday $2,895
Room + Board: Monday - Sunday $2,995
*Tuition, Room & Board and other fees are subject to change.



































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