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Major Summary

One of Providence’s most recently added programs, the Psychology program is designed to equip students with a broad psychological understanding of human life and relationships. An awareness of methods, topics, and trends in Psychology are studied, and an advanced ability to think analytically, critically, and creatively is taught.

Students will be able to discover and appreciate human nature and how one functions in this world by exploring different theories, methods, and data. As graduates of the program, they will be able to characterize the various methods and theoretical perspectives of Psychology in contrast to other Social Sciences and the Humanities. Graduates will be aware of differing approaches to the integration of Christian perspectives and the field, as well as skill in its practice. Understanding and being able to articulate how individuals develop, function, and change in everyday life is a strong theme in each course. This is so that students are able to interpret his or her individual interpretations of life, and thereby enhance self-understanding for the purpose of attaining more enlightened and satisfying experiences. On completion of the program here at Providence, students will know the value of commitment to the common good and well-being of human life, providing a base for all those desiring service related careers.

Major Options

Bachelor of Arts - Psychology Major (3 yrs.)
Minor in Psychology (Combine with any Major)

Career Options

  • Counselling
  • Social Work
  • Christian Ministries
  • Child Services
  • Further Graduate Studies
























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