Graduate Studies


Graduate Studies Options

Certificate - TESOL (18 Credit Hrs.)
Certificate - TTESOL (21 Credit Hrs.)
Master of Arts - TESOL (42 Credit Hrs.)
Master of Arts - TTESOL (42 Credit Hrs.)


TESOL students will be able to:

  • Articulate an understanding of the close relationship between language and culture as well as the basic elements of the English language and of English language teaching
  • Teach English as an additional language;
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Christian worldview in the context of other worldviews

The core TESOL courses are offered both in the regular academic year and in the special Summer TESOL Institute. Each TESOL major option includes the TESOL certificate requirements. 

TESL Canada Certified

This TESOL training program is recognized by TESL Canada. In order for students to be eligible for TESL Canada Standard Level 1 certification, students must graduate with an undergraduate degree and the TESOL Certificate. Students completing an MA are eligible for TESL Canada standard level 3.

Summer TESOL Institute

Career Options

  • Mission Work
  • Government Positions
  • Teaching


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