Fly for major airlines or for humanitarian efforts and mission agencies

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Careers in Aviation Business, Aviation Support, Christian Ministry, Mission Agency Support as Commercial Pilots or Private Pilots. 

Major Options

Bachelor of Arts - Aviation Advanced Major (4 yrs.)
Bachelor of Arts - Double Major (4 yrs.)
Bachelor of Arts - Aviation Major (3 yrs.)
Diploma - Aviation (2 yrs.)

Major Summary

An increasing number of airlines prefer well-rounded individuals to fill their cockpits. The B.A. (Aviation Major) is intended not only to provide a student with a firm Christian foundation but also a balanced curriculum, essential in the aviation industry.

The courses in this department are offered at Harv’s Air Service in Steinbach (30 kilometers east of Providence University College). Ground school courses (481.11 – AVTN and 481.41 – AVTN) may be offered on the Providence campus when enrollments warrant. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to Harv’s Air Service.

Aviation graduates will obtain the necessary skills to become a licensed commercial pilot. Students who wish to use these skills in an aviation related business are urged to also complete a major or minor in Business Administration. Those who plan to use these skills in cross-cultural or missions settings are urged to also complete a major or minor in Intercultural Studies.

Costs indicated are subject to change as conditions warrant. Estimated total costs for the Aviation portion of the B.A. program are $38,194, depending on current air time costs using a Cessna 152 and the rate of the student’s proficiency development.

Click here for a  complete list of fees for the major, minor or diploma. 


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