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Providence's Touring Ensembles don't exist without you! Here is all the information you need to find out how to join a Touring Ensemble and what to expect once you've been accepted.

Who can join?

Any Providence University College or Seminary student is welcome to audition for any Touring Ensemble.

Students from outside Canada or the US interested in joining an ensemble, would benefit greatly from acquiring a US Visa in their own country before they come to Providence. If you are not sure how to go about getting one, or have questions about Visas, contact Providence’s International Student Services Coordinator Debi van Duin.

When are Auditions?

Auditions for all ensembles are typically held during the first week of school.   Check the Important Dates section under Registrars Office for more information.

How do I know if I've made an ensemble?

The director will contact you either by posting a list in a designated area or via your student mailbox.

Can I be on more than one ensemble?

Typically, being on more than one ensemble is not encouraged. Because venues and tours happen in such a short space in time (approximately 4 months), scheduling conflicts are a reality. Also, being on a Touring Ensemble is very demanding. You will need to manage your time extremely wisely in order to maintain your studies, participate on a Touring Ensemble, engage in Field Education or other service activities and still have time for your friends and family.

We do occasionally make exceptions to the one-ensemble-only recommendation. You will need to speak to the directors of the ensembles as well as to the Touring Ensembles Coordinator, who organizes venues, in order to obtain permission to participate in more than one ensemble.

Once I am accepted onto an ensemble, what can I expect?

First of all, you can expect to practice with your ensemble every week at a designated time for two semesters. You do receive academic credit for being on a Touring Ensemble, so check the current Class Schedule to figure out when your meeting time has been scheduled.

The Fall semester is reserved primarily for practice rather than performance. Your ensemble has approximately 12 weeks to become a cohesive performing group. This means learning your repertoire, establishing different roles for each member within the ensemble, arranging your set lists and generally building good relationships with each other.

The Winter semester is when you will do most, if not all, of your performing. Your local venues and tour destinations are all prepared in advance. Keep these pages of our website bookmarked so that you can keep an eye on where you'll be headed week to week.

Finally, you can expect to hone your performance skills, grow spiritually and make some great friends along the way. You will be working, performing and living in close contact with one group of people for the entire year. This means you will experience many joys and hard times with each other, but you will also see amazing things happen, not only in those you perform with or for but in yourself too!

How often will I perform and what do I get out of being on an ensemble?

Apart from the honing of your skills, spiritual growth and friendships mentioned above, you will receive academic credit toward your studies. Academic credit varies from 1/2 credit to 1 full credit per semester depending on your group. Once you are accepted to a ensemble, you will receive a syllabus clearly outlining the director's expectations for each group. The groups, their performance expectations, and their academic credit value are listed in the grid below.

  # Local
# Providence
# Tours Credits
per Semester
Providence Chamber Singers 5 2 1 1.5
Aslan's Child 7 Occasional Chapel Services 1 1
Once Lost 7 Chapel Services 0 1
University Choir (Fall Semester Only) 0 2 0 ½


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