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Providence’s Touring Ensembles have a wide range of performance experiences to offer. From traditional and cultured choral singing, to funk and jazz band, to contemporary praise and worship, our musical teams cover many musical tastes. The Touring Ensembles Program exists to impact and inspire everyone involved; the ensemble members, fellow and future students, the community, alumni and supporters as well as the rest of the world, in many different ways.


Aslan's Child 

A dynamic worship team that seeks to bring people into the presence of God, sharing their gifts of music. They work towards presenting both new and well known worship songs in a fresh and innovative way. This makes them an ideal choice when looking for a band to lead worship in many different settings.

Once Lost 

A group of musicians seeking to lead God's people in worship. They seek to take both new and familiar songs and create them to be accessible to a multi-generational audience. Their lighter sound and variety of new and familiar songs invite a congregation into worshiping the God of creation.

The Providence Chamber Singers

A 16-voice ensemble carefully selected to offer high quality concerts. Under the direction of Dr. David Sawatzky, the singers have worked hard to prepare an acappella repertoire of various styles, eras, and genres. This ensemble demonstrates outstanding leadership in worship and ministry, providing music that will uplift, challenge and inspire their listeners.


Academic Achievement

The members of our ensembles are committed to excellence in both skill development and performance of their art. By performing on-campus, locally, and internationally our ensemble members are given the opportunity to enhance and refine their skills and talents, as well as their performance delivery, while gaining academic credit.

Leadership and Ministry Experience

Touring Ensembles are a great opportunity for students to gain valuable leadership experience through interaction with their community and the world; through performance as well personal interaction with the public. As well, Touring Ensembles provide students with the opportunity to discover how art can impact their world and inspire change.

Future Students

While performing in the community, and on tour, our ensemble members provide a real life example of the academic excellence and character development we strive for at Providence. Through this example, future students can gain perspective on the exciting opportunities available at Providence University College.


The Providence Touring Ensembles exist to serve both the church and community. We believe that our Ensembles can and will have a significant impact on their audiences through inspirational and creative communication. Touring Ensembles and their members encourage and inspire their audiences, through the expression of their artistic talents and by personal interaction with the public.

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Note: Students from outside Canada or the US, interested in joining an ensemble, would benefit greatly from acquiring a US Visa in their own country before they come to Providence. If you are not sure how to go about getting one, or have questions about Visas, contact Providence’s International Student Services Coordinator.






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