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“Art is a half-effaced recollection of a higher state from which we have fallen since the time of Eden.” - Saint Hildegarde

Touring Ensembles act as an extension of Providence’s mission to encourage peopleto Think, Live and Serve as Christians in the world. Our Ensembles can provide churches with a Sunday morning service; schools with daytime performances and workshops; or an evening event for any organization. Keep in mind our groups are versatile and willing to meet the needs of your program. They can perform a few numbers or a full program, depending on what your organizations’ needs and wishes are.

All members of Providence Touring Ensembles are selected on the basis of their skills and talents, as well as their commitment to excellence in performing, and serving others. Our performers provide a real life example of the academic excellence and character development we strive for at Providence. We believe that our Ensembles can and will have a significant impact on their audiences through inspirational and creative communication. Touring Ensembles and their members minister to their audiences, through the expression of their artistic talents and personal interaction with the public.

Some of our hosts choose to give us a financial gift in the form of an honorarium or free will offering. You are invited to do so but are not obligated to give financially – what we do request is an extension of hospitality on the day of the event. Due to scheduling this may involve a meal or even overnight accommodations.

For more information on a group or to request a team to perform at your church, youth group, or school, please email Tracey Regier Sawatzky.

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