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The Music Festival Results are In

Photo: Brendan Klippenstein (top), Ben Kroeker (middle left), Stephan Peters (middle right),
Rachael Bloemendal (bottom left), Luna Kim (bottom right).


Over the last month, Providence students have dominated the music scene in Winnipeg and the Southeast. Brendan Klippenstein, Rachael Bloemendal, Stephan Peters, and Luna Kim achieved several distinctions for their performances in solo piano at the Southeastern Music Festival. Klippenstein and Kim also competed successfully at the Winnipeg Music Festival, with Klippenstein going on to compete as a finalist for the highest instrumental trophy of the festival. Ben Kroeker won a trophy in the Winnipeg Music Festival voice competition and was the runner-up for the Rose Bowl Trophy which is awarded to the best vocal performance in the Festival. Klippenstein and Kroeker are in their second year of their music studies, Bloemendal and Kim are in their third year, and Peters is in his fourth year at Providence.

"It is exciting to see our students at Providence becoming more involved in performing opportunities," says Darryl Friesen, Assistant Professor at Providence University College, "[they] have exemplified remarkable dedication to their development and progress over the course of the last few years, and their success is due to their hard work and love of music making".

Luna Kim, who has always had this love for music, is proud to have represented Providence at the Southeast and Winnipeg Festivals. Sometimes people get the idea that the level of education is lower in a smaller school, Kim explains, but "small does not mean sloppy". She feels that her Providence education has provided her with a strong sense of community, great friendships, and caring professors who are invested in her development as a student.

For Bloemendal, she admits that although not her first choice, she decided to come to Providence after hearing about from a friend and she has never looked back. She was impressed with the music program and appreciated the small class sizes which made it easier to practice and get to know her classmates. "I have grown as a musician and Prov has helped me do that," says Bloemendal. The requirements of the program and the expectations of the professors prepares students, not only for completing a program at Providence, but for the standards of other institutions and for the next steps in a music career.

Friesen comments that, "One of the exciting things about our students performing competitively outside Providence, is the ability for us to clearly see that their level of scholarship and proficiency is comparable to their academic colleagues around the province". This was especially the case for Kroeker, Klippenstein, and Kim, who demonstrated their level of skill as Providence musicians among students from other institutions including University of Manitoba and Canadian Mennonite University.

Music is such a prominent aspect of Providence and the Christian faith tradition and it is incredibly exciting to see the achievements of these five talented students. Through the music program, Providence continues to strive to provide exceptional instruction, a strong community, and new growth to its students as they learn and perform. Congratulations to all and best wishes to Kim, Klippenstein, and Bloemendal who will continue on to compete in the Provincial Music Festival during May 22-24! 



Winnipeg Music Festival

Class 2558 Piano Solo, Canadian Composers, Diploma level

1st: Brendan Klippenstein
3rd: Dabin (Luna) Kim

Class 2559 Piano Solo, French Composers, Diploma level

2nd: Brendan Klippenstein

Aikins Memorial Trophy (Most Outstanding Performer at the Diploma Level)

Brendan Klippenstein - Finalist

Rose Bowl Trophy

Ben Kroeker - Runner-Up

Southeastern Music Festival

Class PK 2551 Piano Solo, Baroque/Baroque Style, Diploma

1st: Stephan Peters

Class PK 2554 Piano Solo, Classical Sonata, Diploma

1st: Brendan Klippenstein
2nd: Stephan Peters
3rd: Rachael Bloemendal

Class PK 2555 Piano Solo, Romantic Composers, Diploma

1st: Stephan Peters
2nd: Rachael Bloemendal

Class PKC 2558 Piano Solo, Canadian Composers, Diploma

1st: Rachael Bloemendal
2nd: Brendan Klippenstein
3rd: Stephan Peters

Class PK 2559 Piano Solo, French Composers, Diploma

1st: Brendan Klippenstein

Class PMZ 7704 Multi-Discipline W. A. Mozart, Own Choice, Senior

1st: Rachael Bloemendal

Dr. Karl H. Krueger Trophy (Most Outstanding Piano Soloist at the Diploma/Honours Level)

Brendan Klippenstein - Winner

Medal(Diploma Level)

Rachael Bloemendal - Winner

Eva M. Krueger Memorial Scholarship

Brendan Klippenstein - Winner

Provincial Music Festival Recommendations(Diploma Level)

Brendan Klippenstein

Rachael Bloemendal

Class 2505 Piano Solo, Classical Sonata, Grade 10

2nd: Dabin (Luna) Kim

Class 2506 Piano Solo, Romantic Composers, Grade 10 

1st: Dabin (Luna) Kim

Class 2510 Piano Solo, French Composers, Grade 10

2nd: Dabin (Luna) Kim

Steinbach Auto Dealers Association Trophy

Dabin (Luna) Kim - Winner

Provincial Music Festival Recommendations(Grade 10)

Dabin (Luna) Kim


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