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With the Providence full-length production just around the corner, drama is in the air at Providence. This is the time of year when thespians emerge as the stars of the school, but for one senior student, the relationship between theatre and Providence has weaved together since her days as a freshman.

Meet Shevaun Fortune. Shevaun is a senior student at Providence majoring in theatre and business. Now, there may be those initially who assume that these two majors are in no way interrelated. However, this is not the case for Fortune.

"Theatre has always been a passion of mine," states Fortune, explaining that it was a way that their family was involved in their home church back in Alberta. However, because she has also always been interested in business, Fortune spent the first year of her time at Providence trying to discern which of the two she would prefer to major in.

It was in that time of discernment that someone suggested that she do a double major in business and theatre. While no student at Providence had ever attempted this combination of majors in the past, those in charge were able to make it work for Fortune to pursue both of her passions at Providence.

"The crossover I have experienced [between the two majors] has been incredible," says Fortune. "The arts needs [business] . . . I want to bring arts into the business world and business into the arts. The arts are filled with right-brained people who are really wonderful but have no idea how to run an organization, and the businesses are filled with left brained people who sometimes need the creativity and different perspectives that the arts brings."

Fortune has already had the opportunity to bring these skills together in the business world, completing a four-month summer term at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, where she plans on returning to this year. However, closer to home, one does not have to look far to see the impact Fortune has had on the Providence community.

On the business front, Fortune is as key asset to the Buller Centre for Business, being the driving force between the student run Take Ten Coffee Shop. Additionally, on the theatrical side, Fortune has spent time as an actor, a student worker and assistant stage manager, as well as her current duties as the assistant producer of the Providence full-length production, and the director of the travelling theatre troupe Prov Players.

Fortune speaks very highly of her time at Providence. "With Prov being a small school, you have a lot of opportunities to do things if you are willing, opportunities to get experience working with things such as arts organizations. You can get a really well-rounded experience if you are willing to put the effort in."

While she is unsure as to what the future will hold for her, it is very clear that Fortune will excel wherever she ends up connecting the arts and business.

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