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Mile Two is in Full Swing

By Daniel Rempel

As we have now completed our first month of school, freshmen are getting settled into the life of post-secondary, sophomores are remembering how much homework is involved in university life, and seniors are highly anticipating walking across the stage and receiving their diploma's come April. Each new school year brings a plethora of new faces onto campus, but this year there is more than just new faces. There is, in fact, a whole new school.

In case you have not heard yet, Providence launched its new discipleship school called Mile Two, branded after Matthew 5:41 that states "If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles." The new school has brought nine students to the Providence campus this year, much to the delight of Mile Two Director, Jeff Banman.

"Our goal was to cap our student enrollment at fifteen people, so we are very happy with nine" stated Banman. "Jesus discipled a group of twelve young men, and we are trying to achieve that small community feel."

Each morning students are engaged in forty-five minutes of intentional spiritual disciplines, whether that be prayer, singing, or discussing the Scripture they’ve been reading. Following that, they spend the rest of their morning in class, where they have already worked through the books of John and Matthew. A regular afternoon for the students is filled with mentorship time, homework, service projects, as well as a bit of rest and relaxation if time permits.

The students have also been engaged in local service projects, with three serving at Siloam Mission, and another six serving at Lighthouse Mission. One of the goals of the program is that by the end of the year, each person would know personally five to ten people who have experienced homelessness. These relationships have been built quite quickly, much to the surprise of Banman.

"They just want to serve!" Banman exclaimed about his students. "They show no desire to sit back disengaged. They want to be Christ's hands and feet."

Banman is not the only one enthusiastic about Mile Two’s first month in operation. By all accounts the students have been enjoying the ride as well, something that was only confirmed after speaking with Mile Two student, Brady Plett.

"I have been loving my time at Mile Two, because I've been learning so much and I have made some amazing friendships" says Plett. "My favorite part of the week is serving at Lighthouse Mission. I serve there every Thursday, and I get so excited thinking about it. I love building relationships with the people who we serve, as well as those who we work with."

It is clear that God is currently working through our Mile Two program, and it is our prayer that he continues to bless this new area of the Providence community.

For more information on the Mile Two Discipleship School, visit our website!

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