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Providence Announces the Mile Two Discipleship School

In the fall of 2014, Providence University College and Theological Seminary will be welcoming more than just a new crop of students through its doors for the next school year – it will welcome a brand new school as well. Providence revealed this morning that it will now begin accepting applications into the Mile Two Discipleship School, starting in the 2014 fall semester.

Based out of Providence, Mile Two will be an eight-month program running from September to April, where 15 students will engage in daily Bible study and teaching, weekly service across Manitoba, and involvement in a church community, all capped off with a two-week trip to Israel. Despite its connection to Providence, and a strong focus on biblical study, Mile Two Director Jeff Banman points towards “learning beyond the classroom” as the program’s main focus.

“In Mile Two, we want to take the biblical foundation our students develop on campus, and actually go and put it into practice though various types of urban ministry,” says Banman.

For the duration of the program, students will each be placed in different areas of service ranging anywhere from soup-kitchens, to drop-in centres, to different roles in a church community – depending on the strengths and interests of the student. Wherever they are placed, Banman feels the program is setup for them to make a meaningful impact within their serving communities.

“Our students get to be part of what we call “grounded service,” explains Banman. “We say ‘grounded’ because they’ll each be placed in one ministry for the entire eight months, so they actually become a part of that community. They’re around long enough to be a part of these people’s lives, build relationships, and really make an impact.”

The benefits of Mile Two are multifaceted, as students also have a great opportunity to grow their knowledge of Scripture through biblical study on campus, and first-hand experience in Israel. But the purpose of Mile Two is for students to learn what it’s like to actively live out their faith through service, and for them to be able to do that in their own backyard.

“This is real-life discipleship,” says Banman. “When it’s all done, students can go out into their communities and realistically re-produce what they did in Mile Two throughout their own communities – and that’s something we’re really excited about.”.

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