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Providence Bookstore releases new TESOL /TEAL Curricula

The Faith Curriculum Team of the Providence English Language Institute has published three new faith based curricula comprising 25-35 hours of on-task class time. These are great for shorter time slots such as short term mission trips or once a week classes.

Faith Ancestors, using selections from Hebrews 11:1-29, has seven units: Fathers of Faith; Abraham; Sarah-A Nation is Born; The Offering of Isaac; The Patriarchs; Moses; The People of Israel.

Faith Metaphors: I Am, using the ‘I am’ statements from the Gospel of John, has eight units: God Became Man; The Bread of Life; The Light of the World; The Gate; The Good Shepherd; The Resurrection and the Life; The Way, the Truth, the Life; The True Vine.

Faith Foundation: The Lamb of God, using selections from the Gospel of John, has ten units: The Lamb of God; The Arrest of Jesus; Denials of Jesus; The Roman Trial; At the Cross; It Is Finished; The Burial of Jesus; The Empty Tomb; Resurrection Appearances; The Witness of John.

The Team has also just released Developing Writing Skills, a curriculum for developing academic writing skills. “Developing Writing Skills uses various biblical texts and has twelve units: The Writing Process; Have a Plan; In Conclusion; Revision; How to Quote; An Expository Essay; The Persuasive Essay; A Comparison Essay; An Exegetical Essay; A Cause and Effect Essay; A Narrative Essay and A Critical Book Review Essay.

Curricula from the Faith Curriculum Team are now being used on six continents. They are known for both their excellent content and the rapid learning due to the task based lessons structure.

Please see the Bookstore TESOL page for more details.


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