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Do faith statements impinge on academic freedom?

Providence University College is part of a Christian academic community in the evangelical tradition which teaches people to grow in knowledge and character for leadership and service. The mission of Providence University College is to educate people at a university level to think, live, and serve as Christians in society and the church.

With this mission in mind, Providence requires faculty to sign a statement of faith as a condition of employment.

In recent years, some members of the Canadian academic community have taken it upon themselves to investigate and blacklist several Christian universities because, it is alleged, these schools violate academic freedom and thus lack academic legitimacy and credibility.

In a four-part series of his newspaper column "Apologia," Dr. Hendrik van der Breggen, assistant professor of philosophy at Providence University College, sets out four reasons for thinking that the requirement of faith statements, though definitely a limit to academic freedom, is not without merit—and is in the broad picture a genuine help to the scholarly pursuit of truth.

Click the links below to read Dr. van der Breggen's thoughts on the question of whether faith statements impinge on academic freedom:

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