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 TESOL Program Recognized at Highest Standard in Canada

Dec. 21, 2010 - A teacher training program at Providence College and Seminary, called Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (or TESOL), has been recognized as providing the highest possible standard of training in Canada.

The Providence TESOL program received the new recognition from TESL Canada Federation, its accrediting body, in November.

“Providence’s program has moved from a Standard 1 and is now certified at a Standard Three, which is the highest standard,” says Elfrieda Lepp-Kaethler, assistant professor of TESOL. “Providence TESOL is now one of only three universities in Canada that deliver programs meeting the highest professional standards.”

TESL Canada Federation is responsible for ensuring that TESOL teacher education programs across Canada meet national professional standards.

Providence’s TESOL program serves not only Manitoba but all of North America and many other countries in a number of ways.

“While many TESOL programs have sprung up in the last number of years, our program is unique in Manitoba in its integrated faith emphasis, and unique in Canada, with its range of TESOL track options,” says Lepp-Kaethler.

Providence TESOL graduates work across Manitoba, Canada, and the US, and have worked in approximately 70 countries worldwide.

“With the rise of immigration in Manitoba over the past number of years and the expected continuation of this trend, the province is in need of increasing numbers of EAL teachers who are well-equipped to help facilitate the transition of immigrants, refugees and international students into Canadian society,” says Lepp-Kaethler. “Providence TESOL grads continue to contribute to this growing pool of teachers. Providence TESOL professors and graduate students also contribute to the larger field of TESOL by giving presentations at churches and government-sponsored TESOL conferences, serving on boards and committees in TESOL organizations, and developing innovative curriculum designed for Canadian and international settings.”

The TESOL program at Providence is a balanced combination of theory and practice, not only in Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition theory and Language Pedagogy, but also in related fields such as Cross-cultural communications and anthropology.

“The program is based on cutting edge research in this field,” says Lepp-Kaethler. “Incorporating a holistic Christian faith perspective, the program prepares teachers both for working with immigrants and refugees in Canada as well as with international students and English language learners abroad in an integrative manner.”

Graduates from Providence TESOL may now be eligible for TESL Canada Professional Standard 1 or Standard 3, depending on their program of enrolment. The Professional Certificate: Standard Three is intended to recognize ESL/EFL educators who have a Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics or TESOL.

The variety of TESOL options open to Providence students at undergraduate and graduate levels range from a one-year certificate (graduates eligible for Standard 1), to a three-year BA in TESOL, to a Master of Arts degree in Global Studies or Educational Studies (graduates eligible for Standard 3) with a TTESOL track (Training Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Trinity Western University and University of Alberta are the other two schools who offer Standard 3 TESOL programs according to the TESL Canada Federation.

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