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Muddy River Concert Review

On Friday, Oct. 15, the Muddy River Quartet announced their retirement during their concert at Providence College and Seminary.

“It was announced at the concert that Muddy River [Quartet] is retiring after 10 years of singing together,” said Harold Giesbrecht, host of AM1250’s “Heart of the South” radio show, and emcee at the Providence concert.

“This was one of the last concerts for Muddy River Quartet. Is it was a real privilege to have had them before they dissolved,” said Margaret Schonewille, vice president for Development at Providence. “It was a great night. There was a lot of toe tapping and hand clapping throughout the night.”

There were almost 150 people in the audience who were treated to the group’s southern gospel sound and a few jokes.

“Muddy River is Manitoba's best-known Gospel quartet, so the audience knew them well," said Giesbrecht. "They did a number of well-known Southern Gospel songs interspersed with stories and jokes. The group's emcee, Mark Moore, is an alumnus of Providence Seminary, so he used the opportunity to both honour the school and poke some light hearted fun at President Dr. Gus Konkel.”

The audience appeared to have enjoyed the concert, which also included the Providence jazz band.

“The jazz band was fantastic,” said Schonewille. “You would have never believed that this was their first concert for the year as it sounded like they had played together for years.”

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