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Mile Two graduate flourished in community and experienced God’s “relentless” love
“God is the author of peace. His perfect love casts out all fear. He has reminded me throughout the year to give my worries to Him, and to let Him carry my burdens. His love is relentless towards us.”
Tatum O’Meara flourished at Mile Two Discipleship School, and she didn’t even know about the Providence-based program until a few days after the school-year had started.
“It was an unexpected journey to say the least,” she says. “The only explanation I have is God. He spontaneously laid out a new path and asked me to obey His guidance. So I did, and here I am eight months later looking back at what an incredible year it has been!”
It was a year that took Tatum and the 12 other students in her cohort to a getaway at Camp Cedarwood, into intentional community at the Otterburne Campus, to service placements in Winnipeg and into the Holy Land of Israel.
“When I first read about Mile Two online, the trip to Israel was the first thing that caught my eye,” she recalls, adding that she was also intrigued by the opportunity for biblical formation and the concept of discipleship. What she didn’t anticipate was the fullness of the community she’d experience in the program.
“I had never been a part of a Christian community like this, so it was really life-changing for me,” she explains. “It’s a beautiful thing when the Body of Christ comes together under His supervision. Living in this intentional, Christ-centred community has been the highlight of my year.”
It was, as Tatum describes, a year full of highlights.
The September trip to Camp Cedarwood provided a bonding experience—“When we crammed 12 people into a hot tub we got to know each other real fast!”—and the wisdom of the various teachers involved in Mile Two helped her to deepen her faith.
“This year I learned how to be bolder in my faith and to not let fears and doubts cloud my vision,” she says. “Another big takeaway was learning to see myself how God sees me—not how others see me, or even how I see myself. Our worth and value should not come from anything this world can offer us, but only from what God can offer us.”
And then, of course, there was Israel.
Tatum says she “fell in love” with the country—with the people, the food, the scenery and the biblical sites. She was “in awe” from start to finish but did, she remembers, have one especially meaningful experience.
“One of my favourite days was going on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee,” she says. “The Bible story of Jesus walking on the water has always stood out to me, so actually boating on the same sea that He walked on felt overwhelmingly surreal.”
It’s a memory she’ll take with her into the rest of life, along with the blessing of the Mile Two community she found so formative these past few months.
“I can’t believe we’ll all be going our separate ways in a few short days!” she says. “Being surrounded by a truly loving and supporting community was a huge blessing for me.”
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The 2016-17 Mile Two Discipleship School cohort (left to right): Madison De Roo, Tatum O’Meara, Daphne Kehler, Andy Krahn, Krista van Donkelaar, Isaac Ginter, Drake Carvill, John Kennedy, Charisma May, Calvin McBride, Shalayna Berard, Darby Holden, Corbin McCoy.


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