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Providence Theological Seminary Certificates ideal for busy, working students
There is a perception that post-secondary education isn’t compatible with the busy lives of mature, working students with families. And it’s not unfounded. It’s difficult to justify the time and money spent on studying when so many other, important things are rightfully requiring attention.
It’s also a perception we at Providence continue to grapple with. We understand and affirm the commitment to family life, to gainful employment, to involvement in a church community. We also recognize, and know from experience, that some of the best Christian leaders, lay people and missions-minded workers pursue additional education later in life.
These people are effective because of the breadth of their responsibilities—not in spite of it—and we strive to create educational experiences that fit into their full, productive lives.
Our Graduate Certificates, offered through Providence Theological Seminary, are designed for such students. Available in Biblical Studies, Christian Spirituality and Church Ministry tracks, these programs can be taken predominantly through Distance Education and completed in less than two years.
“The Certificate programs are unique because students can remain in their occupations full-time without having to relocate,” says Dr. Stan Hamm, Academic Dean of Providence Theological Seminary, located 30 minutes outside Winnipeg, Manitoba. “Students can also begin with a Certificate program with an eye to determining whether or not that particular area of study is something they would like to pursue.”
Dr. Al Thiessen, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries, believes Graduate Certificates are especially useful to pastors and church workers from other cultures.
“We have more and more pastors leading immigrant congregations in Winnipeg and elsewhere,” he explains, adding that affordable, short-term, post-secondary options such as Graduate Certificate programs can help leaders acquire the sort of education that might not be available in their home cultures.
In 2017 Providence graduated eight students who completed their studies exclusively through Distance Education. Whether they were seeking to increase their theological knowledge or enhance their ministry skills in fields such as administration, counselling or Christian education, they found a Graduate Certificate program could conform effectively into their lives.
Of course, says Hamm, Distance Education does require considerable organization and self-motivation.
“Students can fit these programs into their schedules, but it requires discipline,” he says. “But the result is an excellent learning experience with top-notch faculty.”
Hamm also points out that one out of every four students enrolled in Providence Theological Seminary is over the age of 50. These students, he says, are interested both in enhancing leadership skills and cultivating personal development.
Whatever the goal of short-term, Seminary study, we strive to make it attainable at Providence. We’re here to meet the educational needs of students, whatever their schedules and situations. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Graduate Certificate programs.
(Top to bottom: Dr. Stan Hamm; Dr. Al Thiessen.)


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