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“Quantum Physics & Christianity” lecture tour to make October 11 stop at Providence
“Quantum Physics & Christianity” lecture tour to make October 11 stop at Providence
Dr. Arnold Sikkema will discuss the interfaces between science and Christianity
Providence has been included on the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation’s 2016 National Lecture Tour, which is also stopping at the likes of McGill University, McMaster University and the University of Alberta.
On October 11, at 11:10 a.m. in the lecture theatre, Dr. Arnold Sikkema of Trinity Western University will present the free, public lecture, entitled “Quantum Physics and Christianity.”
Sikkema, who is also CSCA president, will explore how quantum physics interfaces with Christian theological and philosophical thought—a timely topic for Providence, which has recently added new science programming to its curriculum.
“This lecture will show that science-Christianity is much more than just evolution-creation,” says Sikkema, adding that he’ll point out some very general themes of the relationship during his 50-minute presentation.
“Quantum physics shows that randomness and uncertainty are quite fundamental to the way the world is,” he explains. “My lecture will show that—perhaps against some expectations—Christianity is okay with randomness and uncertainty.”
The entire Providence community—students, faculty and staff—is encouraged to attend this lecture, as are interested members of the public.
For more information, visit the official CSCA website.


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