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Providence to participate in ATS governance project
Providence has been invited to participate in a governance project sponsored by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS), in consultation with the Delaware-based In Trust Center for Theological Schools.
Addressing Governance Issues and Advancing Governance Practices will look to address the governance systems of member institutions, identifying those structures that need to explore new practices as well as those that require further development of established patterns.
Each invited institution will have the opportunity to work on a governance issue during the 2016-17 academic year, and ATS will provide peer coaches to partner with the participants. Delegates will convene in Pittsburgh in September and set out their development strategies. Results will be analyzed at a follow-up meeting in May, and findings will be published in a future issue of the ATS journal, Theological Education.
The focus of the Providence project will be Board Orientation and Education.
“Our project is to develop a two- or three-year curriculum for the Providence Board that will orient the Board to Christian higher education in general and to Providence in particular, along with reinforcing the roles of the Board in governing the institution,” explains Providence President Dr. David Johnson. “A Christian higher educational institution is only as strong as its Board.”
Johnson says he is hopeful that the project will strengthen Providence governance going forward and also provide a model that can be used by other institutions for their own advancement.
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