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Local artists featured for good cause

Art fans mark your calendars! On Jan. 28, Providence College presents Prov Creates, an art show featuring the work of Providence students, faculty and staff.

Coordinator, Andrea Wheeldon was impressed with the number of people interested in creative arts since coming to Providence last summer, but was surprised to hear there were no opportunities to celebrate their work.

“When we first started planning for this event,” Wheeldon said, “I wasn’t sure what kind of response we would get from the community. But it seems like the more people I talk to, the more people want to get involved. Holding an event where people could display their work for others to enjoy seemed like a natural extension of what is already happening at Providence.”

Prov Creates will also provide a sneak peak at some of the artwork that will be for sale at the Missio Dei art auction held at Providence College on Feb. 4 to help raise funds for Invisible Children. Missio Dei is a two day event organized by students and staff at Providence College to raise awareness of social concerns issues.

“The idea of using creativity for the work of social justice and missions is something that hits close to the hearts of many in our Providence community,” Wheeldon said. “Missio Dei is highlighting a unique use or purpose for art and Prov Creates is pleased to join with them in this way.”

Wheeldon hopes the Prov Creates event encourages artists in their work and inspires others to start creating. “It’s an aspect of our community that we can be proud of,” Wheeldon said.

The Providence community invites the general public to come out from 7:00-10:00 pm to vote on their favourite paintings, drawings, photography and sculptures for the coveted Viewers’ Choice Award. Whether you’re looking to support and encourage local artists, or just get inspired, make sure to check out some of the best art Providence has to offer. “It’s an aspect of our community that we can be proud of,” Wheeldon said.

For more information on Prov Creates, contact Andrea Wheeldon at or call 433-7488, or visit the Providence website at

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