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Mully Children's Choir Shares Exciting Message of Hope
The Mully dancers strike a complicated pose.

The Mully Children’s Family Mission Choir brought a message of restored hope and forgiveness to Providence College on Nov. 25 with singing, acrobatics and African drumming.

The multi-talented choir consists of 20 youth, ages 12 to 21, who come from hopeless pasts, orphans saved from prostitution and suffering but have become a testament to Christ’s redeeming love.

Founder Charles Mully explained that for the last 20 years they have seen miracles of transformation in the lives of Kenyan children as they continue to provide opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

“The most important tool to reach out in this world is education,” Mully said. “We need to prepare them with knowledge and wisdom so they can take this generation to a higher level and prepare the future leaders for tomorrow. We are ready to change Africa.”

Student Ben Page was struck by their focus on missions. “We just have this western idea that we are the only ones that are missionaries, but they do exactly what we do.”

Mully challenged the audience, “Is there hope? Because where there is no hope, there is nothing, so we hope in Christ Jesus. Yes, there’s hope.”

With support and prayer the touring group is able to continue as missionaries, sending teams to Uganda and another team to Tanzania in the upcoming weeks.

“Through that we are able to reach people with the Gospel of peace through Christ,” said Mully.

The Mully Children’s Family Mission Choir will continue their North American Safari tour west through to Alberta and B.C ending in Vancouver while visiting Schools and Churches along the way. For more information or to donate visit

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