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Aviation program obtains flight simulator
by Isabella Selk
The Aviation program at Providence is reaching new heights with the installation of a new flight simulator in its classroom.
A donation from Harv’s Air (the Steinbach-based company that partners with Providence to provide flight training to future pilots in the program), it arrived on campus in December 2015.
The simulator, in which students can fly a wide selection of single or multi engine planes, is used for instrument training. With the ability to create many different situations, it allows students to better learn how to react in virtually every situation. Future pilots can also fly out of a number of different airports with varying types of terrain.
Bardia Salimkhani, a third year aviation student who hopes to become a test pilot and Aviation Accident Investigator, believes the flight simulator is a huge advancement for the program. He explains it will cut costs and wait times for students looking to get flying practice, since simulators at other flight schools are often costly and in high demand.
When you’re in a flight school, you have to book your simulator time,” he says. “There are many more students who have to use it, and they cost quite a bit. Harv’s Air was kind enough to offer this to us, and Aviation students here in the program will have a lot more freedom and accessibility.”
Given the size of the program at Providence, all Aviation students stand to benefit.
“The great thing about the simulator is that you can always use it,” Salimkhani explains. “A real plane is a lot more expensive to take out, with weather conditions and issues with the plane also affecting the ability to fly. The simulator is a cheaper alternative.”
While students cannot actually log the hours spent on the simulator, practicing how to handle various situations will have them better prepared for flight training and able to use their time more efficiently. With a required 20 hours of instrument training, the simulator will provide students the opportunity to practice extensively for their in-flight tests.
“This is one of the greatest additions we have on our campus,” says Salimkhani. “Our Aviation program has been around since 1984, and I don’t know of many schools that have had such great advancements in their facilities. It is truly a great benefit to the program.”
The flight simulator will be available for use beginning in September 2016.
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