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Mile Two students lend a helping hand to mistreated Winnipeg woman
The Providence-based Mile Two Discipleship School has a mission to develop disciples of Jesus who are compassionate, self-sacrificing, and absolutely committed to pursuing Him in every area of life.
And they don’t just talk about it.
Last week a group of Mile Two students and faculty picked up hammers, nails, and measuring tapes and volunteered their time to rebuild the fence of a Winnipeg woman mistreated by a contractor.
Mukai Muza, who was enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry program at Providence between 2000 and 2003, had contracted the building of a basement apartment to supplement her income, but the contractor—whom she paid $42,000—never finished the work. He also dismantled her backyard fence.
The full story, reported by Caroline Barghout, can be read on the CBC’s website.
“It’s a very desperate situation and it shouldn’t be like this,” remarked Paul Kroeker, a friend of Muza’s.
Kroeker, incidentally, is a member of the Mile Two board and recently taught a module in Old Testament Theology to the program’s students. He rallied the Mile Two contingent that rebuilt Muza’s fence.
None of the students or faculty members were mentioned in the CBC report, and maybe that’s appropriate. They didn’t build a fence for accolades, or to have their picture taken. They were simply pursuing Jesus, and this is what their pursuit looked like.
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