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Providence expanding business offerings to include Bachelor of Business Administration
Providence is bolstering its reputation as a leading provider of Christian business education by offering a Bachelor of Business Administration.
Prospective students can already apply for the 2016-17 school year and look forward to a BBA course list that includes International Business, Entrepreneurship, Studies in Leadership, and Management Information Systems.
This BBA is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and character required for effective service in administrative and leadership positions. Students will develop skills for application in problem-solving, goal-setting, team management, and communications, and faculty will integrate Christian faith and ethics into every course they teach.
Current Providence students are already impacting their communities, the environment, and the business world through a variety of ongoing initiatives, including a Biomass Brokerage, an e-Waste Recycling scheme, and a Uganda-based Biochar Fuel program.
A Providence business education will engage new students in these and other projects, prepare them for professional life in the business community and not-for-profit sector, and incorporate their faith into everyday tasks and functions.
Providence President David Johnson: The BBA will elevate the business degree to a higher level. Students will be able to pursue an MBA more readily. It will add significant course material and move students into larger business spheres through internships and other contacts in the business world. Most importantly, the BBA will enable Providence to better fulfill its mission to train Christ’s servants for leadership in important spheres of influence.
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