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VIDEO: Watch the 2015 Providence Guest Lecture “Pornified Culture”
Individual families can’t protect their kids from pornography. That’s like telling parents to keep their kids from breathing polluted air.
-Dr. Gail Dines
Julia Beazley believes pornography and its societal effects constitutes a public health crisis.
On October 27 Beazley, a policy analyst with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, addressed the issue of pornography in the 2015 Providence Guest Lecture “Pornified Culture: Haunted Selves and Hindered Society.”
In front of a packed-out lecture theatre on the Otterburne campus she pointed out the size and power of the porn industry, described its victims and the harm caused to both producer and consumer, and made the case for a health-based intervention at government level.
“No mass disorder has ever been resolved by treating only the affected individuals. We need a human solution,” she said. “So what if we treated pornography like we eventually treated tobacco? For us this will mean clearly making the case and communicating to our government the ways in which pornography is harming the health of our society.”
But she also reminded the audience that parents need to better educate their children about sex and sexuality, and that they should be equipped to do so.
“Pornography is something that affects all dynamics of health: emotional, physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual,” she said.
The lecture can be viewed in its entirety by visiting the Providence YouTube channel or clicking HERE for Part 1 and HERE for Part 2.
All Providence Guest Lectures are free to the public and no registration is required.
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