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Providence offering Radio Communication course for Aviation students
Radio communication is typically something pilots learn through experience. But, as Providence Aviation student Bardia Salimkhani says, it’s also “something most pilots find intimidating at one point or another.”
With that in mind Salimkhani set about designing a Radio Communication in Aviation course. It debuted October 24 and will include another “ground school” session (November 7), tours to facilities including the Winnipeg airport tower, and assignments. One credit hour is on offer to participants, who have already made it the biggest Aviation class of the semester in terms of enrollment.
“We have a wide variety of people with different levels of experience,” says Salimkhani, who points out that both freshmen and returning students are taking the course. “They’ve enjoyed it. After the first class we had an exam and made it like a Jeopardy game.”
Often considered a skill to be picked up while training, radio communication can too often be a source of discomfort to new pilots. This is especially true, Salimkhani explains, when English isn’t a pilot’s first language.
“Whoever’s outside your airplane has no idea what kind of pilot you are—what’s going on in your airplane,” he says. “The only way you can reach out of your airplane is through radio. And when you go through busy airspace there are so many pilots that you can’t just take over the radio and take all the time and say what you need. So you need to know how to communicate.”
To that end Radio Communication in Aviation will prepare pilots to comfortably communicate in both controlled and uncontrolled airspaces and learn the correct radiotelephony procedures in different phases of flight.
Incidentally, enrollment numbers in Aviation are among their most robust since Providence introduced the program, in cooperation with Harv’s Air, in 1984.
Salimkhani, a senior student in the program, is set to graduate in April 2017.
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