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Helpful Advice On Writing Papers

Writing a paper using Turabian format:
"What Do I Have To Do To Get an A on My Paper," by Michael Gilmour

How to Write a Book Review
by Dennis Hiebert

Rubrics for Assessment of Student Work
by Dennis Hiebert

Writing Skills Worksheet
by Dennis Hiebert

Writing Papers in Biblical Studies and Related Fields:
The Society of Biblical Literature has made their publication The SBL Handbook of Style available on-line. Use it for preparing papers in biblical studies and related fields.

 The SBL Handbook of Style.

 Citation Guide


Types of Web Pages

A News Web Page is one whole primary purpose is to provide extremely current information. The URL address of the page usually ends in .com (commercial). Examples: The Toronto Star, Sporting News.

An Advocacy Web Page is one sponsored by an organization attempting to influence public opinion, or trying to “sell” ideas. The URL address of the page frequently ends in .org (organization). Examples: The Reform Party, Pro-Life Canada, Wiccan Church.

A Personal Home Page is one published by an individual who may or may not be affiliated with a larger institution. Although the URL address of the page may have a variety of endings (e.g. .com, .ed, etc.), a tilde (~) is frequently embedded somewhere in the URL.

A Business/Marketing Web Page is one sponsored by a commercial enterprise. Usually it is a page trying to promote or sell products. The URL address of the page frequently ends in .com (commercial). Examples: Tilley Endurables, Chapters, and numerous other large and small companies using the web for business purposes.

An Informational Web Page is one whose purpose is to present factual information. The URL address frequently ends in .edu or .gov as many of these pages are sponsored by educational institutions or government agencies. Examples: Dictionaries, thesauri, directories, transportation schedules, calendars of events, statistical data, and other factual information such as reports, presentations of research, or information about a topic. Specific examples include: Bible Gateway, Concordances of Great Books, the text of the Oslo Accord.


Evaluating Print Sources


Evaluating Web Resources

Just because information is on the web does not mean it is worthwhile! How can you evaluate web sites?


What is a Scholarly Article?

Your instructors will recommend that you use scholarly journal articles. Here is a guide to tell you what a "scholarly article" is:




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