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Library Handbook

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What services does the library provide?

  • Fully automated on-line service: See our [link] library catalogue. To renew books on-line, go to Library Home page, select Services,  and then Renew Books.  This will take you to the Library Catalogue.  Select the  "My Account"  tab.  Fill in  your student number and your last name or the barcode from the back of your library card. You may renew books once unless another patron has put in a request for a particular title.
  • Internet access: Eight stations in the Library; 20 in the computer lab.  The Library has wireless Internet access.
  • Electronic Sources including Databases:
    • Ebsco: ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials, PsychArticles, Academic Search Elite, MasterFILE Elite, Canadian Reference Centre and others
    • Proquest Religion
    • Christian Periodical Index
  • Electronic Books:
    •  PsychBooks and an academic electronic book collection are available through Ebsco with 128,500 titles.
  • Seating for 200:
    • individual study carrels
    • lounge seating
    • group study rooms (Please book one to make sure it is available for your group's use!)
    • private study rooms (Please book one to make sure it is available for your use!)  Month bookings as well as hourly bookings. Please ask at the circulation desk for details.
  • Holdings:
    • 96,000+ volumes including books, CDs, kits, bound journals, cassette tapes, videos, DVDs
    • Print periodical subscriptions
    • Over 8,000 full-text journals
    • Collection strengths include: theology, Bible, missions, ESL (EAL)/TESOL, church history, counselling, Jewish studies, pastoral studies.

A library card is required to check out materials. Students receive one at registration. If you are not a current student at Providence, you will have to pay an annual fee:

  • Alumni - $20/year
  • Non-Alumni - $40/year
  • Church Staff members - contact Library Staff

Martha Loeppky has arranged for various groups to display art works on the south wall of the library. If you or your group would like to arrange a display, contact her at 204-433-7488 ext. 279 or by email.

The Library has two display cases that regularly feature collections or materials on a particular subject. If you would be willing to loan your collection or have a particular subject interest that you would like to see displayed, please contact Terry Kennedy at 204-433-7488 ext. 280.

Other Services:

  • A scanner is available as a function of the photocopier.
  • In the copier room immediately to the left on entering the library, there is a coin-operated photocopier, a hole punch, paper cutter and stapler.
  • New books are on display.
  • Group seminar rooms and individual study carrels can be reserved at the circulation desk.
  • The Listening Lab has CD and cassette tape players.
  • The Viewing Room has TVs, VCRs and DVD players.
  • Contact the library for services to distance education students.

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What is in the Library Collection?

The library has a collection of over 96,000 items including books, journals, CDs, cassette tapes, video tapes, on-line databases, in-house databases, scores, plays, microforms, indexes, atlases, Christian education curriculum, clippings and pamphlets. Collection strengths include: theology, Bible, missions, ESL (EAL)/TESOL, church history, counselling, Jewish studies, pastoral studies.

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How can I keep up to date?

The library has subscriptions to newspapers (Free Press, Globe and Mail, Carillon, Christian Week) and a number of current affairs periodicals (Macleans, Time). As well, the current issues of all journals to which the library subscribes are displayed on the shelving next to the circulation desk. Please feel free to come and browse.

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What if the Library doesn't have what I need?

Interlibrary Loan Service is provided by the library. If the library does not have something you need, please see Martha Loeppky to have it brought in from another library. Students have to cover the cost of this service. While some loans may be free, others may cost up to $10.00. An on-line request form can be found on the library home page. Please allow at least two weeks for most items.

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How do I get a Library card?

You MUST get a library card! At registration there is opportunity to have your picture taken and a student/library card produced. On the back of the card is a barcode that the library uses to sign books out to you.

If you lose your card, see the Library Staff for a replacement card at a cost of $10.00. A lost library card can also be replaced with a generic card at the library for $5.00 but keep in mind that this generic card cannot be used at other Manitoba libraries.

If you are not a Providence student, but are a student at another post-secondary institution in Manitoba, please contact the library regarding use of the collection.

Other community members are also welcome to use the library and can get a library card for an annual fee as follows:

  • Alumni - $20/year
  • Non-Alumni - $40/year
  • Church Staff memberships - contact Library Staff

 See the Library staff for more information.

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For how long can I sign out items?

Loan Periods:

Book collection — 4 weeks
Bound periodicals — 2 days
Bibles — 2 days
CD collection — 1 week
ESL/EAL collection — 1 week
Kits — 2 weeks
Scores — 4 weeks
DVDs/Video cassettes — 1 week

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Are there things I can't take out?

Yes, the library has some materials that are either for quick reference or are very expensive that cannot leave the facility.

Non-Circulating Collections
Contemporary Religious Movements file
Current periodicals
Reference collection
Vertical file

Reserve Collection
Your instructor may decide to limit the loan period for materials to which everyone in your class should have access. Loan periods for these materials may be:
2 hours
1 day
2 days
1 week

Please note that the fines for returning Reserve items late are much higher than regular items; See below for details.

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Will I have to pay fines if materials are returned late?

If materials are not returned by the due date, fines will be levied. When a borrower's fines reach or go over $15.00, borrowing privileges are suspended until fines are paid. You can check on due dates and whether you have fines by going to [link] My Library Account.

Regular collection: 25¢ per day per item
Reserve collection: $1.00 per hour to a maximum of $30.00 per item. Fines are applied equally to all items regardless of loan period (i.e. 2 hour or 1 week). 

Note: All fines must be paid and all books returned before marks will be released to students.

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What happens if I lose a book?

You will be drawn and quartered!! No, seriously, you will have to pay the cost for a replacement copy of the book and a $15.00 processing fee.

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Where do I return books?

There are four book return deposits.  Two are situated in the library at the circulation desk.  Two are situated outside the Learning Resource Centre for after hours book return.  One is on the east beside the entrance to the library, the other is to the right of the inside library doors. Please do not return books to the top of the circulation desk or leave books outside the library. The library cannot be responsible for proper check-in and return of materials left in these places.

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Can my family use the Library at Providence?

If you are a registered full-time student at Providence College or Seminary, your immediate family may sign out materials from the library.

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Can I bring my children to the Providence Library?

We are happy to have children visit the library. We ask that children under ten years of age not be left in the library unattended. Children of students should not access the web in the library under their parent's Providence password.

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Library Ethics

The Library is a place to show Christian love and consideration. Please return books as SOON as you are finished with them so that others may have the use of them. Removal of materials without signing them out or removal of non-circulating materials is considered theft and the student involved will be referred to the Student Life Department.

The Library staff is here to serve you and will do so as quickly and efficiently as possible. Expressions of impatience, lack of consideration and selfishness are not reflections of a Christ-like character. The rules and limitations placed on students using the Library are to ensure that all students have equal access to materials. Thank you for your consideration and co-operation.

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