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Campus Employment

Positions Available

The number and type of positions available for each year will vary depending on institutional hiring needs and student employee retention.

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Program Overview

The campus student employment program provides University College and Seminary students with the opportunity of securing part-time campus employment during the school year. The student employment program is intended to aid students financially and educationally. Working part-time can provide students with additional income, while at the same time provide an opportunity for valuable work experience.


Employment is open to all full-time University College and Seminary students. Full-time status is defined as 12-credit hrs. for University College students and 9-credit hrs. for Seminary students. Full-time students will get preference over part-time students if there is a surplus of applicants. Students may secure more than one campus position but only to a maximum of 12 hours of work per week in total.

Non-Canadian students are eligible for employment, although they must obtain a Canadian Social Insurance Number and be enrolled in a degree program.

For additional inquiries regarding employment for non-Canadian students, please contact the International Student Services Coordinator for further details.


Most positions will be paid Manitoba minimum wage, which is $11 per hour (as of October 2015). For some jobs the pay may be slightly higher. Payments will be made on a semi-monthly basis through electronic direct-deposit payroll. In order to receive payment, all student employees must have a bank account in a Canadian chartered banking institution.


All positions are contracted as part-time campus employment. The amount of hours allocated to each position will depend on each job and its requirements. The maximum allowable hours per student employee is 12 work hours per week. Students may secure more than one position, but not accumulate more than 12 hours of work per week.

Application Process

A resume is required for all employment applications. Selecting the apply button for a particular job will enable you to submit your resume to the appropriate hiring supervisor. Resumes must be submitted online as a Microsoft Word document or PDF. If you are unable to submit your resume online, please contact the Student Employment office for alternative arrangements.

Students may apply for any jobs for which they qualify. There is no limitation or restriction on how many jobs each student may apply for in this process. Faculty / Staff supervisors will be responsible for all hiring decisions.

Each position listed will have its own deadline for receipt of applications. Be sure to carefully read the application terms of each job prior to applying.

Job acceptance will be confirmed with the student upon receiving their job offer from the supervisor and the completion of a Student Employment Contract - these can be found in the office of the Student Services Coordinator. This contract must also be returned to the same office.





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