Michael Gilmour



Professor of New Testament and English Literature, Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, Department Head of Biblical Studies & Practical Theology

B.A. Lakehead University, History, 1991
M.A. Providence Seminary, New Testament, 1994
M.A. University of Manitoba, English Literature, 2008
Ph.D. McGill University, New Testament, 2000 

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Teaching Fields

New Testament
English Literature


Professional Experience

Present: Providence University College, Faculty



Currently in the Works

The Depth of Gentle, Mystic Eyes: Animals in the Writings of C. S. Lewis

Edited Volumes 

With Mary Ann Beavis. Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2012.

Call Me the Seeker: Listening to Religion in Popular Music. New York: Continuum, 2005.

Recent Journal Articles/Book Chapters

"Raging Against the Machine: Tom Morello's Nightwatchman Persona and the Sound of Apocalypse-Inspired Schadenfreude." In Anthems of Apocalypse: Popular Music and Apocalyptic Thought. Ed. Christopher Partridge. 43-54. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2012.

"Bob Dylan's Bible." In The Oxford Handbook of Reception History of the Bible. Ed. Michael Lieb, Emma Mason, Christopher Rowland, and Jonathan Roberts. 355-68. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

"The Living Word Among the Living Dead: Hunting for Zombies in the Pages of the Bible." In Zombies Are Us: Essays on the Humanity of the Walking Dead. Ed. Christopher M. Moreman and Cory James Rushton. 87-99. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2011.

“The Far Side of Religion: Notes on the Prophet Gary Larson.” Direction 39.2 (2010): 220-33.

“Some Novel Remarks about Popular Culture and Religion: Salman Rushdie and the Adaptation of Sacred Texts.” In The Bible in/and Popular Culture: A Creative Encounter. Semeia Studies. Ed. Philip Culbertson and Elaine Wainwright. 13-25. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2010. 

"Death Is Not the End: Artistic Collaboration and a Musical Resurrection in Bob Dylan's Chronicles." Montague Street: The Art of Bob Dylan 1 (2009): 24-31.

"Teaching Biblical Hermeneutics Through Salman Rushdie's Haroun and the Sea of Stories." Teaching Theology and Religion 12.2 (2009): 151-61.

"Arcade Fire's Parodic Bible." Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 20 (2009): [www.usask.ca/relst/jrpc].

"Going Back to the Prairies: Neil Young's Heterotopia in the Post-9/11 World." In West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature. Ed. Sue Sorensen. 205-18. Winnipeg: CMU Press, 2008.

"Confronting Colonial Religion and the Anxiety of Influence in Louise Bernice Halfe's Blue Marrow." In Feminist Theology with a Canadian Accent: Canadian Perspectives on Contextual Feminist Theology. Ed. Mary Ann Beavis, with Elaine Guillemin and Barbara Pell. 371-91. Ottawa: Novalis, 2008.

"'Wipe the Dust Off Your Feet': Glimpses of the Rejected Missionary in Literary Representations of Late Eighteenth-Century North America." Transformation 25.4 (2008): 195-206.

Reviews Appearing In:

The Ark: Journal of Catholic Concern for Animals

Catholic Biblical Quarterly


Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

Journal for Religious and Cultural Theory

Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

Philosophy in Review

Review of Biblical Literature

Toronto Journal of Theology




Eden's Other Residents: The Bible and Animals. Eugene, Oregon:  Cascade, 2014.

The Gospel According to Bob Dylan: The Old, Old Story for Modern Times. Westminster John Knox Press, 2011.

Gods and Guitars: Seeking the Sacred in Post-1960s Popular Music. Waco: Baylor University Press, 2009.

Tangled Up in the Bible: Bob Dylan and Scripture. New York: Continuum, 2004.

The Significance of Parallels Between 2 Peter and Other Early Christian Literature. Academia Biblica 10. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature / Leiden: Brill, 2002.


Course Information


Course Syllabi

132.22 Early Christianity I: Jesus

134.23 General Writings: 1 and 2 Peter

135.42 Ecology and the Bible

136.32 Special Studies in New Testament: Animals and the Bible

212.15 20th and 21st Century Literature


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