Hendrik van der Breggen



Associate Professor of Philosophy

B.A., Philosophy, University of Calgary, 1990
M.A., Philosophy, University of Windsor, 1994
Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Waterloo, 2004

Contact Information
Blog/column: Apologia

Teaching Fields

Critical Thinking/ Logic
Philosophy of Religion
Worldview Studies
Philosophy of Science 
History of Philosophy

Professional Experience

2006 - Present: Providence University College, Faculty
2006: St. Jerome's University, Lecturer
1996 - 2006: Emmanuel Bible College, Adjunct Instructor
1999 - 2004: Heritage College, Adjunct Instructor
1994 - 1995: University of Waterloo, Teaching Assistant
1991 - 1994: University of Windsor, Teaching Assistant
1990 - 1991: University of Calgary, Logic Tutor

Pre-academic: soldier, waiter, youth worker

Professional Associations

Discovery Institute Centre for Science & Culture
Evangelical Philosophical Society
International Society for the Study of Argumentation
International Society of Christian Apologetics


Ph.D. dissertation: "Miracle Reports, Moral Philosophy, and Contemporary Science"

M.A. thesis: "Hume, Miracle Reports, and Credibility"

Journal articles and reviews

"Faith Statements Impinge on Academic Freedom? A Response to the Canadian Association of University Teachers," Biblical Higher Education Journal, Volume 6 (Winter 2011): 35-41.

"Review of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins," Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics, Volume 3, Number 1 (2010): 119-122.

"Dawkins' Logico-Philosophical Blunder: A Reply to a Dawkins Apologist," Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics, Volume 2, Number 1 (2009): 41-48.

"Review of Philosophy of Science by Samir Okasha," Philosophia Christi, Volume 5, Number 1 (2003): 314-318.

"Hume's Scale: How Hume Counts a Miracle's Improbability Twice," Philosophia Christi, Volume 4, Number 2 (2002): 443-453.

Magazine articles

"Being a Christ-Centred Teacher: What It Means (to me)," Eye Witness, Providence University College & Theological Seminary, Volume 5, Number 1 (Winter 2013): 12-14. 

"The Image of God: Why Life is Worth Defending Against Physician-Assisted Suicide," Focus: Faith and Practice, Christian Medical and Dental Society, Volume 31, Number 2 (Spring 2011): 8-13.

"Awakening from the Nightmare: A Critical Overview of Friedrich Nietzsche's Philosophy," Christian Research Journal, Volume 34, Number 1 (January/February 2011): 32-41.

"Reasonable Skepticism about Radical Skepticism," Christian Research Journal, Volume 31, Number 5 (September/October 2008): 30-38.

"The Seeds of Their Own Destruction: David Hume's Fatally Flawed Arguments against Miracle Reports," Christian Research Journal, Volume 30, Number 1 (January/February 2007): 30-38.

Newspaper articles

"Euthanasia holds nasty consequences," Winnipeg Free Press, 19 June 2014.

"Why not anti-bully clubs?" Winnipeg Free Press, 9 March 2013.

"Apologia," The Carillon, 7 August 2008 - present (newspaper column).

"Don't reject Intelligent Design without exploring evidence," The Record, 14 November 2005.

"There's an intelligent defence for intelligent design," The Record, 23 August 2005.

"Did the Easter miracle happen?" The Record, 10 April 2004. (2005 Winner, General Readership article, The Word Guild.)

"Miracles can and do happen," The Record, 24 December 2001.


An Enquiry Concerning Human Abortion (Burlington, ON: Crown Publications, 1988).

Radio interview

"The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche," Issues, Etc., 25 February 2011.


"A Cumulative Case Argument for Christian Faith." Prov(f) Talks, Providence University College, 20 November 2014.

"Hume and Miracle Reports." Philosophical Friday, Department of Philosophy, University of Manitoba, 16 March 2012.

"Language, Logic, and the Beginning of Human Life: Francis Collins' Fallacies." Evangelical Philosophical Society, San Francisco, 16 November 2011.

"Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion: A Philosophical Review." Faculty Forum, Providence College, 7 February 2008.

"Comments on Dumsday on Locke and Competing Miracles." Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers/ Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Saskatchewan, 30 May 2007.

Course Syllabi

213.34 Special Studies in Philosophy of Religion: William Lane Craig's Campus Apologetics

213.13 Critical Thinking (Winter 2015)

213.21 History of Philosophy (Winter 2015)

213.25 Philosophy of Science (Winter 2015)

213.11 Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2014)

213.22 Ethics (Fall 2014)

213.24 Worldview Studies (Fall 2014)

213.23 Philosophy of Religion (Winter 2014)

213.34 Special Studies in Philosophy of Religion (Spring 2013)

213.33 Special Studies in Ethics (Winter 2013)


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