Dennis Hiebert



Professor of Sociology
Department Head of Arts & Sciences

B.R.E. Briercrest Bible College, 1970–71
B.P.E. (1974), B.Ed. (1977), M.A. Studies (1988-89) University of Manitoba
M.H.K. University of Windsor, 1981
Providence Theological Seminary, 1983–85
Ph.D. University of Manitoba, 1993






Teaching Fields

Sociology of Religion
Self and Society (Social Psychology)
Marriage and Family
Men, Women, and Society (Gender Studies)
Sociology of Sport
Global Problems and Change
Sociological Theory
Media and Society
Social Science and Christianity
Critical Thinking


Professional Experience

2009-11: Associate University College Dean (Academics), Providence University College
1996-present  Chair, Department of Arts and Sciences, Providence University College
1993-present: Professor of Sociology, Providence University College
1992-96: Lecturer, Department of Sociology. University of Manitoba
1975-88: Associate Professor of Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics. Providence University College
1976-78, 80-82, 84-87: Commissioner, Manitoba Christian Colleges Athletic Association


Professional Associations

2010 - 2012: Association of Christians Teaching Sociology, President
2008 - 2009: Association of Christians Teaching Sociology, Vice-President
Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association



1991: Association of Canadian Bible Colleges Research Grant

1991: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship

1989: University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (doctoral)



Other Publications

2013: Review of Diana Butler Bass, "Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening," in the Journal for the Sociological Integration of Religion and Society, 3, 2.

2013: Review of Andrew Boyd, ed. "Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution," in Geez Magazine.

2013: Problems and Possibilities of Sociology as Prophetic. Christian Scholar’s Review, 43, 1, 11-20.

2012: The Community, Courage, and Compassion of the Christian Sociologist. Journal for the Sociological Integration of Religion and Society, 2, 2.

2008: The Concepts Project, Association of Christians Teaching Sociology,

2008: Can we talk? Achieving dialogue between sociology and theology. Christian Scholar’s Review, 37, 2, 199-214.

2004: Toward a post-postmodern Christian concept of self. Didaskalia, 16, 1, 1-24.

2003: The insufficiency of integrity. Pastoral Psychology, 51, 4, 293-307.

1999: The McDonaldization of Protestant organizations. Christian Scholar’s Review, 29, 2, 261-279.

1997: Book notes on postmodernism. Didaskalia, 9, 1, 87-91.

1996: Toward adult cross-sex friendship. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 24, 4, 271-283.

1995: Me and Jesus? Countering individualism with a more collectivist reading of scripture. Theological Research Exchange Network. September.

1994-95: Self-presentation and impression management. Partner. Christian Association of Canadians in Student Development. (3-part series)

  • Presentation of the self in everyday life. Fall, 1994.
  • Tactical impression management. Spring, 1995
  • Ineffective impression management. Fall, 1995

1994: Book Review of Bibby, Reginald. (1993). Unknown gods: The ongoing story of religion in Canada. Toronto: Stoddart; and Hewitt, W.E. (Ed.). (1993). The sociology of religion: A Canadian focus. Toronto: Butterworths. In the Christian Sociological Society Newsletter, 22, 1, 7.

1992: The sociology of Fowler's faith development theory. Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses, 21, 3, 321-335.

1992: Antiseptic education: The myth of irreligiosity. Faculty Dialogue, 17, 85-101.

1992: More Noahs? A personal response. Faculty Dialogue, 16, 129-136.

1992: Fanning the flame. Christian Week, 5, 22 (February 18), 5.

1992: Book Review of Hoffman, Shirl J. (Ed.). (1992). Sport and Religion Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publishers. In Christian Week 5, 22 (February 18), 14.

1989: Angry athletes and the almighty. Gospel Herald, 7, 4, 8-9.

1985: Camp recreation programming test. The Pocket Stew, 1, 2 (May-June), 3-4.

1985: Glorifying God in the body. Dialog: A Journal of Theology, 24, 2, 133-35.

  • Reprinted in 1986 in Christian Educators Journal, 25, 2, 19-21.

1985: Questions for Christians in sport. Faith Alive, 3, 1, 34-35.

1984: Time and toys. Southeast Bulletin (3-part series)

  • The problem of recreation. August 21
  • Values of work and recreation. September 4
  • Christian values and recreation. September 18

1984: Straight talk on sport. The Messenger (3-part series)

  • The problem of competition. 22, 2, 4.
  • Competition and personal attitudes. 22, 3, 5.
  • Competition and relationships. 22, 4, 4.

1983-84: "Out of Bounds"

  • Regular editorial on sport for the Southeast Bulletin.

1983: Sanctified sports? HIS, 43, 8, 1-4.

  • Reprinted in 1987 in Mennonite Brethren Herald, 26, 6, 6-7.

1981: Prevailing Protestant Ideology Concerning Sport: A Theoretical Analysis. M.H.K. Thesis published by the Christian Book Nook, Otterburne, Manitoba.

Conference Presentations

2013 Paper Presented
"Sweet Surrender: How Cultural Mandates Shape Christian Marriage"
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
Trinity Christian College, Chicago, Illinois

2012 Paper Presented
“The Community, Courage, and Compassion of the Christian Sociologist”
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia

2011 Paper Presented
“Prophetically Incorrect: Problems and Possibilities of Sociology as Prophetic”
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota

2009 Paper Presented
“The Biblical Call for Social Justice”
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa

2008 Paper Presented
“The Divisions of Labor Within Sociology and Between Sociology and Theology”
National Faculty Leadership Conference, Faculty Commons
Washington, D.C.

2007 Paper Presented
“Purity and the Marriage Bed: Disembedding Christian Concepts of Marriage from Culture”
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
Campbellsville University, Campbellsville, Kentucky

2006 Paper Presented
“Social Science, Faith, and Hermeneutics: Sample Pedagogical Dialogues”
Conference on Faith, Learning, and Living: Integration in Christian Higher Education
Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2005 Paper Presented
“The Concepts Project Report”
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
Wheaton College, Chicago, Illinois

2005 Invited Presentation
“Who Am I?’ The Problem of Self”
Canadian Association of Christians in Student Development
Winnipeg, Manitoba

2004 Discipline Coordinator for Sociology
Conference on "Scripture and the Disciplines"
Wheaton College, Chicago, Illinois

2004 Plenary Speaker
"The Postmodern Self"
Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors Annual Conference
Winnipeg, Manitoba

2003 Paper Presented
"Integration Revisited and Renewed: What Christian Psychologists are Saying"
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
Dallas, Texas

2001 Invited Presentation
"Homosexuality: Support and Guidance Through the Struggle"
Association of Canadian Bible Colleges Annual Conference
Regina, Saskatchewan

1999 Paper Presented
"What Might Jesus Say to Mark Simpson?"
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
Costa Mesa, California

1998 Paper Presented
"The McDonaldization of Protestant Organizations"
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
London, England

1995 Invited Presentation
"Understanding Faith Development: Implications for Discipleship"
Youth For Christ/Canada National Leadership Conference
Winnipeg, Manitoba

1994 Paper Presented with Edmund Neufeld
"Me and Jesus? Countering Individualism with a More Collectivist Reading of Scripture."
Evangelical Theological Society 46th Annual Meeting
Lisle, Illinois

1993 Invited Presentation
"Research on Faith Development in Higher Education"
Association of Canadian Bible Colleges Annual Conference
Otterburne, Manitoba

1992 Invited Presentation
"Angry Athletes and the Almighty: Christian Moral Resistance in Sport."
North American Society for the Sociology of Sport
Toledo, Ohio

1987 Invited Presentation on Sport Ethics
Evangelical Mennonite Conference, Youth Conference
Caronport, Saskatchewan

1984 Coordinator and Presenter
Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics Workshops
Association of Canadian Bible Colleges Annual Meetings
Calgary, Alberta


2013. Sweet Surrender: How Cultural Mandates Shape Christian Marriage. Cascade Books.


 Provf Talks

2017: Sense and Sense Ability: The Sensual and the Sensible

2016: Personhood: Not Who Am I, But What Am I?

2015: The Mechanisms and Morality of Capitalism: Economy and Christianity

2014: What does 'The Social Construction of Reality' Mean?


Personal Interests

Stage Acting


Course Information


Course Syllabi

221.31 Social Science and Christianity

223.11 Introduction to Sociology I: People in Culture

223.12 Introduction to Sociology II: People in Society

223.21 Self and Society: Social Psychology

223.22 Men, Women, and Society

223.23 Sociology of Sport

223.24 Marriage and Family

223.26 Media and Society

223.31 Sociological Theory

223.32 Sociology of Religion

223.33 Sociological Theory I: Classical Theory

223.34 Sociological Theory II: Contemporary Theory

223.35 Global Problems and Change



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