Val Hiebert

Ph.D. (cand.)

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Assistant Professor, Sociology

B.A. Providence College, 2002
B.A. University of Manitoba, Honours, 2004
M.A. University of Manitoba, 2009
Ph.D. (Cand.)

Contact Information

Teaching Fields

Gender Studies
Language and Culture
Media Violence

Professional Experience

Present: Providence University College, Faculty

Professional Associations

2004 - Present: "Company of Players" theatre troupe, Producer/Director
2005: University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship
2005: Manitoba Graduate Scholarship
2000 - 2004: "Heritage Players" theatre troupe, Producer/Director
Minister of Advanced Education and Training
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology (ACTS)
Christians in Theatre Arts (CITA)

Publications & Presentations


Book Review of Giles, Kevin (2002). 'The Trinity and Subordinationism: The Doctrine of God and the contemporary Gender Debate. "Didaskalia"


May 2009
'Media Violence Effects: A Cross-National Comparison of Canadian and Swedish Youth' A paper presented at the "Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences", Ottawa, Canada.

May 2009
'Media Violence: A Cross-National Comparison of Canadian and Swedish Youth' A paper presented at the "3rd International Conference on Sociology", Atiner Research Institute, Athens, Greece.

June 2007
'Female Genital Removal in Africa - The Semantic Tug-of-War' A paper presented at "Association for Christians Teaching Sociology", Campbellsville University, Kentucky, USA.

May 2006
'Social Science, Faith & Hermeneutics: Sample Pedagogical Dialogues' A paper presented at "Faith, Learning and Living; Integration in Christian Higher Education", Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Dennis Hiebert, Cameron McKenzie, Val Hiebert

May 2005
'The Acts Concepts Project', A research project presented at "Association for Christians Teaching Sociology", Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois
Dennis Hiebert, Val Hiebert

May 2004
'The Old Testament and Sociology: A Pedagogical Proposal', A Paper presented at "Scripture and the Disciplines", Wheaton College, Wheaton Illinois
Cameron McKenzie, Val Hiebert



Course Syllabi


223.11 Sociology I: People and Culture

223.12 Sociology II: People and Society

223.22 Men, Women and Society

223.24 Marriage and Family

223.27 Language and Culture

223.28 Consumer Culture and Voluntary Simplicity

152.32 Social Scientific Approaches to the Old Testament


322.11 Introduction to Theatre

322.21 Directing

322.22 Stagecraft and Production

321.36 One Act Play - Theatre Practicum


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