John McNeill


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John McNeill

Professor, Missions & Anthropology

B.A. (Honours) Bishop's University, 1967
M.Div. Covenant Seminary, 1971
Diploma in Education Bishop's University, 1977
Diploma in Special Ed. McGill University, 1978
TESOL Diploma Providence College, 2006
Diploma in German University of Augsberg, 1985
M.Ed. Bishop's University, 1987
M.A. TTESOL Providence Seminary, 2008
Ph.D. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1995

Contact Information

Teaching Fields

Intercultural Studies
Conflict Resolution

Professional Experience

2000 - Present: Providence University College, Faculty
1977 - Present: University of the Nations (YWAM) Worldwide, Instructor
1986 - 1991: Eastern European Seminary, Instructor
1977 - 1986: Public School Teacher

Professional Associations

Canadian Anthropological Association


1967- “Permanent Effects Associated with Chronic Alcoholism.”

1987- “The applicability of Pestalozzi’s Views on the Nature of the Child and Religious Education of Children... .”

1995- “Western Saints in Holy Russia: Perceptions of Conversion and of Westerners among Western Influenced Converts, Russian Church Converts, and Members of the Public in the Former USSR.”

2008- "Neuroplasticity and Language Learning."

1984- “Problemfeld Schule.” In Der Auftrag 12, Juli- Sept.

1985- The above article was broadcast on MW 208 in Bevaix, CH.

1992- “Einladung Nach Moskau.” Der Auftrag 42, Maerz.

1994- “The Church and Western Ministry: What Russian Christians Think.” In The East-West Church & Ministry Report 2:3.

1995- “Beziehungskunst: Ursachen und Ueberwindung der Lieblosigkeit.” Der Auftrag 56, Sept.

1995- “Wir Mussten Sie oft um Vergebung Bitten.” Der Auftrag 56, Sept.

1997- “Christian Education in Eastern Europe: Are We Really Helping?” In Christian Educators Journal 36:3.

1997- “Shto ve cvyajetye na zemle, to budet cbyazano na nyebye”. In Blagodatnaya Cyemya 7(43) July. (Russian - on conflict resolution among adults)

1997- “Eesus e Eyegova.” In Blagodatnya Cyemya 9(45) Sept. (Russian-discussion of a Western sect active in Russia)

1998- “Erneuerung als Persoenliche Begegnung Mit Dem Herrn.” In Charisma: Aktuelle Themen und Nachtrichten. 103, Januar-Maerz.

1998- “Pomogaya smotret na Uisusa Krista,” and “Bog, bogatei blagodatyu.” In Blagodatnya Cyemya 6(54) June.

1998- “Duchobnoye oskorbleniye.” In Blagodatnya Cyemya 7(55) July.

2002- "Western Saints in Holy Russia". Mandate Press.

2003- “Reclaiming Augustine for Christian Education.” Christian Education Journal (Spring) 7(1): 87-98.

2004- “Democracy Takes a Different Path.” In “Winnipeg Free Press” editorial page: A15.

2009- "Neuroplasticity and Language Learning." Conference Report from Volzhsky Institute of U. of Volgograd, Russia.

2009- "Truth in Advertising- Telling the Story and Getting it Straight"- presentation at national meeting of the EMS in Edmonton, Feb. 20, 2009 and International meeting of EMS, Orlando Florida, Sept. 2009. Publication pending.




Wife: Christel


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