As many of you know, Providence University College and Theological Seminary made the decision last year to close the campus bookstore and move all student textbook ordering to an online format. This means that as students, you will be assuming full responsibility for acquiring any textbook resources necessary for your courses.

Obtaining textbooks for your classes is an easy process. Here are the quick steps. 

  1. Register for classes with the help of your advisor
  2. Identify required textbooks from Book List for the specific academic term. Note the book title, authors, editions, and ISN number. The current textbook list is given below:

  3. Search the internet for the best price. For what is often the best price and largest selection, you might want to try looking on Amazon, however, Providence University College and Seminary does not endorse any specific vendor for textbooks. If you need assistance, consider evaluation sites such as Mashable.
  4. Place your order and have it shipped to your preferred destination. Students often have purchases shipped directly to themselves at the Providence Campus. 

Most students and families are well informed with online purchases, return policies, and challenges with shipping. Don't wait for the last moment to make your purchase. Remember college students around the nation are doing the same thing so inventories may run low if you wait too long. When possible, consider purchasing all your textbooks from the same vendor to save time and minimize potential hassle. 

The Book List may note that for some classes there is no required textbook. In those cases, the instructor may provide materials in PDF format on the course website in Blackboard that you will be required to download or print, or the instructor may offer a printed version of his/her PDF for purchase. 

If you have questions about specific textbook orders, you should contact your vendor directly. REMEMBER: You are responsible for resolving any problems with vendors. However, you may contact your instructor or academic advisor by email for advice on specific problems or for help in resolving course related questions. 

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