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Residence life is a vital extension of the classroom experience and an important component of the educational process. Providence is steadfast in our commitment to a residential, co-curricular environment that enhances and deepens the academic and faith communities. 

The Residence bursary is available to all qualified residence students who have completed at least 24 credit hours at Providence University College, Providence Theological Seminary or the Modern Language Institute.  The residences included are Bergen Hall, Eichhorst Hall, Sweet Hall or Kindred Hall. For this bursary, second year students are defined as those who have completed 24-53 credit hours and third and fourth year students are defined as those who have completed 54 or more credit hours. The residence bursary is given to students based upon what academic year they are in at Providence.

Student in their second year (24+ credit hours) will be given $700 in the first Fall semester after they achieve 24 credits.  Students in their third or fourth year (54+ credit hours) will be given $700 each semester they register for courses.

Disbursement of Funds

Funds will be distributed in $700 amounts.  Disbursement of funds will occur immediately upon registering for the semester courses.  The full $700 amount will be awarded to students registered for 9 or more credit hours within the semester of disbursement.  Students approved to live in residence who are taking less than 9 credit hours will receive a prorated bursary (e.g. 6 credits = 2/3 of $700; 3 credits = 1/3 of $700).

No application is necessary.  Each semester returning residence students will be evaluated and those who fit the eligibility requirements will be awarded the appropriate bursary amount.

Please contact the Scholarships and Bursaries Coordinator, should you have any further questions regarding this bursary.

* Terms and conditions of the Residence Bursary are subject to change.

Have Questions?

Speak with our Registrars Office or the Financial Aid Coordinator.


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