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Providence is founded on the values of academic excellence, leadership, and service to others.  The GPA Scholarship program reflects these qualities by recognizing students’ achievements and assisting them financially in their efforts to obtain a quality Christ-centred education.  The GPA Scholarship will be automatically awarded, provided the recipient is registered at Providence University College for 12 or more credit hours per semester.


The GPA Scholarship is available to all qualified students that have completed 24+ credit hours at Providence University College in the previous year. (Note: transfer credits are not included in the students' year to date GPA.) The GPA Scholarship is given to students based upon their annual grade point average. This is calculated based on all credits attempted within the previous academic year (September 1 - August 31).


3.5 – 3.69             $1,000
3.7 – 3.89             $1,500
3.9 – 4.00             $2,000

Disbursement of Funds

The award will be given to students during two consecutive semesters and divided equally for each semester. Disbursement of funds will take place within 4 weeks after semester start date. A reduction of credit hours (less than 12) within the semester in which a GPA Scholarship was received, will result in forfeit of the scholarship amount for the respective semester.

* Terms and conditions of the GPA scholarship are subject to change.


If you have additional questions, please  or the Scholarships & Bursaries Coordinator.

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Speak with our Registrars Office or the Financial Aid Coordinator.




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