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FAQ for Field Education

Why do I need to do Field Ed?

Field Ed is an important part of the holistic Christian Higher Education Providence offers. This is where you get the opportunity to deepen your own understanding of what it means to be a servant in attitude and action. You will learn to give of yourself in the church, in society, and in everyday living. Serving in a church, para-church, or community organization will help you develop your own personal gifts and skills as well as a personal philosophy of service.

In addition, the accrediting body of Providence University College requires that all graduates must complete practical Christian service as a graduation requirement. You cannot graduate without the required number of Field Ed credits.

Most students are already serving somewhere. In many cases, Field Ed simply gives you credit for what you are already doing.

How do I register for Field Ed?

You cannot register for Field Ed online or through the Registrar's office as you can with other courses. Registering for Field Ed simply consists of handing in your Formative Report and signed Student Supervisor contract to the Field Ed Coordinator (2nd Floor - 2A20) before beginning your initial service of each unit. It is your responsibility to arrange placements in you want to receive credit for Field Ed.

Where do I get a Student-Supervisor Contract?

Printable Student-Supervisor Contract

A printable copy of the Student-Supervisor Contract is available above. Paper copies are also available in the office of the Field Ed Coordinator. The contract is to be filled out and signed and returned to the office of the Field Ed Coordinator prior to beginning each Field Ed unit.

What is a Formative Report?

PDF Service Placement Formative Report

A formative report is a 3-part assignment that is to be filled out individually and with the help of your service placement supervisor. It is an informal assignment that improves communication between both the student and the supervisor. The Formative Report also requires students to set and strive for goals, allowing them to maintain focus on why they are serving throughout their placement. Each student is responsible for answering each question on the report, handing it in to the Field Ed Coordinator before they begin their service placement.

Where do I get the evaluation form?

Printable Student-Supervisor Evaluation Form

Alternatively you can pick up an evaluation form outside at the Field Ed Coordinator’s office. There will usually be some right by the door.

Can I get gas money for Field Ed?

Providence does not provide vehicles for Field Ed use, but students using their own vehicles to travel to a Field Education placement, may be reimbursed with a flat rate based on the location of their placement if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Travel with two or more additional passengers who are also meeting Field Education requirements for the trip. 
  2. Hand in a travel reimbursement application form. Request a reimbursement form from the Field Ed Coordinator.
  3. The forms must be completed and handed in to the Field Ed Coordinator before final exams if the student wishes to receive reimbursement for the semester. 

What are FEOD and SMOD?

FEOD is a Field Ed Opportunity Day where many organizations set up booths in the SLC to show you the opportunities available to you for Field Ed. If you are looking for a Field Ed placement then this is the day to find one.

SMOD is the Summer Ministry Opportunity Day, where many camps set up booths in the SLC giving you a chance to learn about the opportunities to spend time at camp and earning Field Ed credits at the same time.

Got Questions?

Email the Field Education Coordinator or call 204-433-7488 ext. 210.




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