There is both on-campus and off-campus housing available for students.


Residence halls are Providence's dorm rooms, which are on our campus and shared between students. There are four halls: Eichhorst, Bergen, Kindred, and Sweet which are separate from other on-campus housing.

For further information on residence halls, contact one of our residence directors: 

Female Residence Director               Male Residence Director


The on-campus housing consists of apartments, mobile homes, and on-campus houses. Please refer to On-Campus Housing for an up-to-date listing of available housing. Priority is given to married couples, families, and mature students until July 1st, at which time remaining apartments become available to all students.

For further information on apartments, mobile homes, and other on-campus housing, please contact our Student Services Coordinator.


Off-campus housing consists of the private rental of apartments and houses in the communities surrounding Providence. Refer to or Off-Campus Housing for an up-to-date listing of available housing. 

For further information on off-campus housing at Providence, please contact our Student Services Coordinator.


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